Eko eko azaraku II

Eko eko azaraku II

Kimika Yoshino returns in this prequel to 'Wizard of Darkness' to play Misa Kuroi before she was famous, or at least before she realized she was a witch. 'Birth of the Wizard' begins in ...

Kimika Yoshino returns in this prequel to 'Wizard of Darkness' to play Misa Kuroi before she was famous, or at least before she realized she was a witch. 'Birth of the Wizard' begins in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joel M (ag) wrote: 2/10: Fails to live up to expectation after its brilliant predecessor Overheard (2009). It's a new story that has no relation to the original. The only similarity is the returning actors. Script poorly written, draggy and is not engaging enough. Completely waste of time watching.

Gena A (au) wrote: This movie are for those who like art films. Too deep for commercial consumption. Profound story!

Dervilla O (it) wrote: I liked this movie. While the theme of disparate groups whose paths intertwine has been done before but with the Hollywood stamp, I really liked how the director handled the pace and the dramatic climax that changes their lives for ever; the location worked a treat!

Conner R (ag) wrote: This was a really odd sequel. It's not bad, but it's just so completely different from the first. I think the fact that it was straight-to-video had something to do with it. The story was so-so, but it never got too campy which I liked. For kids movies, it's really fairly decent.

Darryl S (es) wrote: A phenomenally towering and lay-it-all-out-there performance by Harvey Keitel elevates this very troubling and difficult film. Brutal, jaw-dropping, and cringe-inducing in equal amounts -- with a tincture of tenderness (like Milton The Monster). Keitel's performance is, indeed, a revelation!

Brian K (ru) wrote: A sophomoric, ill-conceived insult to children and the mentally unstable.

Craig F (jp) wrote: Classic 80s comedy. One of my personal favorites from that decade.

Matty S (es) wrote: 43 years after it came out, Pakula's film still packs a mighty punch. The clothes and much of the "lingo" might be dated, but this is surprisingly suspenseful and bold film. Anyone who doubts the acting skills of Jane Fonda need only see this movie to realize how brilliant she can be. Additionally, the cinematography of Gordon Willis is utilized to great impact.

Joshua M (kr) wrote: Didn't achieve what I was hoping it would, but this horror/thriller/comedy at least had some punch to it.

Hunter M (mx) wrote: Yooooo, this movie done flipflapped me up. D=

Reid V (fr) wrote: This film was my first foray into the work of the well-respected Kelly Reichardt. If this film is any indication, I need to be ready for some serious introspection if I choose to go further.Although this film is very minimalistic, it tackles some pretty serious issues regarding the changing nature of friendships and the alienation that comes with growing old. It is a road picture in which the trip makes for a pretty interesting metaphor. No matter how you think a trip is going to turn out, there will always be some bumps in the road that you did not foresee.While some may be turned off by its languid pace, it is refreshingly and awkwardly honest. There are long stretches of silence between these characters and when they do converse, it is rather insipid dialogue. To capitalize on the emotional division between these two characters, Reichardt manages to keep these men in the same frame, but they couldn't seem any further apart.While a hearty dose of melodrama always spices up a good story, sometimes life isn't that way. In fact, silence far outweighs all of the words spoken in the world and it is interesting to see someone capture these moments in such a raw way. Am I eagerly awaiting this film's release on Blu-Ray? Of course not. But it is an honest look at friendship and something that isn't too often captured on film.

Juliana L (ru) wrote: Are you serious? and why I do not take seriously this site ...

Frank B (gb) wrote: waited for it to liven up but gave up an hour in......compare this one to the moon - lacks atmosphere.......

Nick P (br) wrote: A nice start but ultimately disappoints. Becomes funny when it should be creepy. Not to mention only one setting with an extremely boring storyline.