Slum child, abandoned almost since birth, is reunited with his father.

Francisco is rich, rather strict on principles, and still a bachelor. After meeting Gloria by accident, he is suddenly intent on her becoming his wife and courts her until she agrees to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vincent P (us) wrote: Has its moments, but it's kind of weak otherwise. The completely insane exorcism scene at the film's climax makes it worth sitting through though.

Dinesh P (au) wrote: an story of one bachelor night wherein 2 major characters are thrown from pan into fire and how they come out of it. the film is ok but a bit patchy

Guillaume B (es) wrote: Good like Guys and Story

joshua (mx) wrote: daddy yankee is the best

Jackie R (jp) wrote: This movie was absolutely horrible, the acting sucked and it wasn't suspenseful at all. It was a waste of my time.

Michael W (br) wrote: Former champion fencer Eric Roberts gets chance for retribution on the man who killed his father in a duel when he surfaces at Roberts' academy as the janitor. Better than you might think.

Toby A (fr) wrote: i want to see this so bad and maybe own it

Marah R (fr) wrote: Not a best for a Morgan Freeman film but this one had its charm. Kudos to the little girl's acting though. She proved her acting skills to be worthy of a Hollywood future.

Mark O (fr) wrote: Good suspenseful thriller reminiscent of Hanecke's "Funny Games" but a bit scarier. Nice music too!

Billy S (nl) wrote: just watched the great Thrashin'!!! ahhahahaha totally rad...