El arreglo

El arreglo

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1983
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:El arreglo 1983 full movies, El arreglo torrents movie

Luis is a righteous man who begins a struggle and a moral debate with his family, neighbors and close friends when a corrupt municipal official offers a very convenient "arrangement". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


El arreglo torrent reviews

Brenda Z (kr) wrote: A great and decent film! Two different women: a traditional and shy Hindi girl and an independent and open-minded Pakistani girl. What do they have in common? They're suffering for the sake of their husbands but also try to survive for their honour against society's close-minded perspectives.

Amber A (fr) wrote: Didn't hold my attention at all and couldn't finish watching it.

Dorothy H (nl) wrote: Was rather funny actually and entertaining.

Troy K (ru) wrote: 2/5 Goofy and not worth watching despite an interesting cast.

Juan C (jp) wrote: a marvolest and hillarious comedy that proves size dosen't matter. A

Leslie B (gb) wrote: Entertaining but could have given more.

S C (kr) wrote: Curiousity after watching "Grizzly Man" made me see this. This guy is a freak and a few cards short of a full deck, but ultimately the movie is a letdown because he never goes toe to toe with a bear. Can't remommened this unless you find people with mental issues entertaining.

esme w (us) wrote: Based on a true story, Joey Coyle has just found 1.2million dollars, now hes low on work, so he descides to keep the money. Now the police are searching for this money. but he still keeps hold of it, with the help of his girlfriend and gang members. It all unravels. I fought i was good, it was unlike any other john cusack film i've seen before. theres some crazy sex scene too. its a cool movie.

James C (ca) wrote: Carl Weathers tries his solo shot at being an "80's action star. Too bad it wasn't well recieved by most critics, but still lots of fun here with one-liners and over the top stunts

Hector B (ca) wrote: excelente, y ni hablar de la msica

Paul W (gb) wrote: Hallucinogenic, experimental, beatnik, gangsta flick from the late 60's. If that sounds like a good foundation for a coherent film, you're probably as stoned as most of the cast obviously were. Alas, it's indecipherable, and 40 years on looking more than a little pretentious.

Richard C (ca) wrote: Not a bad film but Sam Peckinpah's pre-The Wild Bunch western suffers as a result of barely anything going on as well as the focus on too many characters who become lost in the fray. A film that could benefit from a second viewing in the future but for now, places itself as one of the great director's weaker films, possibly because the film pales in comparison to the films that Peckinpah made later in his career which enhanced his reputation.

Jessica R (de) wrote: My favourite type of Bette Davis film: the kind that spans her character's entire life! Weird but I love watching her age! Again, Davis takes a shaky script that could easily be too meoldramatic and cliche and turns it into a work of utter amazement! One of her top films!

Quinten O (jp) wrote: This film was outstanding! I am so proud to know that it was filmed in my home state (Rhode Island), and that Peter not only starred in the film, but also wrote it! Huge props to him! Jaimie Alexander gives an excellent performance and holds her own up against some of Hollywood's finest. Michael Madsen is perfect for his role, and Vincent Gallo's character was incredibly unique. Joey Pants rocked, and Peter Facinelli shined. A must see!

Uriel G (de) wrote: This film recaptures the ancient Middle Earth magic we saw in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy with great special effects, old characters and well-done action sequences, giving us an entertaining film that contains all the essence of Tolkien and Jackson's Middle- earth

David J (us) wrote: All-around shaky acting and silly cliches prevent the movie from being Thomas Carter's football's version of his film Coach Carter, but some entertaining action sequences make it watchable.

Matthew Samuel M (de) wrote: Carol is a soft and beautiful film that showcases subtle performances from Blanchett and Mara.

Spring S (es) wrote: Absolutely brilliant. A very rare example of cinematic form meets documentary meets current affairs. Beautifully filmed, sharp informative content, profound reflexions, poetic details, absolutely extraordinary performances. Wish we could see more of this films!