El bosc

El bosc

1936. The Spanish Civil War broke out and the Anarchist militia occupy the Lower Aragon. A Matarranya, Ramon and his wife Dora hide a secret ancestral to all other villagers. Near the ...

1936. The Spanish Civil War broke out and the Anarchist militia occupy the Lower Aragon. A Matarranya, Ramon and his wife Dora hide a secret ancestral to all other villagers. Near the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martha G (us) wrote: Very interesting and different story. Enjoyed it very much, if you don't mind subtitles you will enjoy it

Juha R (ag) wrote: Even with its annoyingly provocative story (obligatory for the film festival circuit), its clich (C)d handheld camera-work and its general ugliness, DIE FREMDE is, against all odds and expectations, actually quite powerful. Sibel Kekilli gives a strong performance as the woman struggling between her freedom and her family.

Vessela D (nl) wrote: I usually love such movies, which are like a puzzle of different stories... This time, however, my feelings are mixed... I liked some stories, but not all of them...

Mert Y (us) wrote: there should have been less heroism and more politics..

Jeff B (de) wrote: Simon Pegg is one of today's top comedic actors. He's also often cast in top quality films that are really funny (not like the majority of comedies that are just rehashes of cliche slap stick, crotch, and gross out humor), like Paul, Shaun of the Dead, and The World's End. Some of his best work can be found in movies that are not blockbusters, even those he does a smash up job there as well.You've just got to love a film in which there is no single killer (how cliche and boring would that be?) but rather an entire town of killers, most middle aged and elderly. You've just got to love a scene in which a grandma is about to blow away Pegg's character but he puts her down with a decisive kick to the face. Or how about a ozzie firing octogenarian who's hell bent on taking you out? EpicWhen Sgt. Angel (Pegg) discovers that the "accidents" that are happening are murders perpetrated by a secret society that kills, well, it kills just because maybe you're annoying. That's good enough reason, isn't it? And to top it off is PC Danny Butterman (Nick Frost), Sgt. Angel's childish side kick who completes the film. Sure, there are great belly laughs, but greater than that is the absurdity of the murderers, simple country folk gone bad ass. It's a great script with wonderful acting that culminates in PC Butterman firing into the air just like Keau Reeves from Butterman's favortie film.

Nathan R (nl) wrote: It's like Kenai as he scales the mountain, looking to avenge the death of his brother, Sitka. He's got his heart in the right place but he's still a little misguided. Brother Bear has all the makings of a good animated film, it has some loveable characters, like Koda, the adorable bear cub and even Rutt and Tuke, the bumbling pair of Canadian moose who engage in some pretty funny banter. There's even some heart wrenching moments including somewhat of a tragic twist. But the animation has been better before, and the story has been better before. There's no real memorable moments or truly affective screenplay; it all feels very familiar. Nevertheless, you'll enjoy this one because it's honest storytelling even if it is a little bit of the same.

Andrejs P (ru) wrote: first off johnny's sidekicks were supposed to be pool hustlers and were playing for $20 a game? cmon man. i suck at pool and i i've played $100 a game before. Then again it was just my friends. the acting in this movie, besides christopher walken was pretty bad. this movie could of been soooo much better if mars had done his research about the true pool hustlers. the only ones i know of are people like viffer and jean robert belande only because they play poker as well. i dont think they are huge in the pool world but i have heard some crazy stories involving viffer which were waaaaaay better then what was in this movie.which reminds me i think mars is making a poker movie as well. GOD SAVE US ALL!!!!!

Sean L (au) wrote: Just a typical chick flick movie with a few funny parts, but it mostly relies on the plot line to keep the audience interested.

Sam M (mx) wrote: Good PG satire from the first era of Saturday Night Live.

Silke B (mx) wrote: Do I want to watch it again and again? Yes, please! This is one of my alltime favorites, I've watched it over and over again and it amazes me every time. Grard Depardieu and Patrick Dewaere play two guys in their twenties. They travel through France, steal cars and money, give themselves into the flow to do the next best thing and seduce every woman that passes their way. In episodes you witness how they meet the young hairdresser Marie-Ange (Miou-Miou), who completes the trio infernale; a young mother on her way to visit her husband; Jeanne (the incredible Jeanne Moreau), who comes directly out of jail and 17year old Jacqueline (Isabelle Huppert), who is on vacation with her parents. Every episode leads to the next.The atmosphere of this movie is like a lazy summerday, very relaxed and you get the feeling, it could be the right way to live like there is no tomorrow. Beyond every moral or sexual restriction, they confront society with double moral standards.Because my french is very poor, I watched a synchronized german version. It is originally like you expect the language from a 70s movie: "cool" phrases. But they somehow suit perfectly.-"Wart' mal ne Sekunde!"-"Wer hat denn soviel Zeit?"-"Warum schreien sie mich denn an? Ist es, weil ich eine Mtze aufhabe?"-"Ich brauch ne Tante, die mich anzieht. Keinen Onkel, der mich auszieht."-"Ich hab da was in petto."-"Wo ist denn petto?"-"Riecht wie Eintopf, schmeckt wie Eintopf, ist Eintopf."-"Nach Gutsmutterart."-"Gar nicht mal so gut."-"Ach, leck mich doch am Arsch."-"So'n kleiner Arsch ist schnell geleckt."Don't take it too serious and avoid it, if you are highly sensitive.I said that my French was too poor to watch the movie in it's original language, but today I watched a subtitled version. And with the help of the English subtitles, I WAS able to get the French words. The translation in the dubbed German version is pretty accurate, when it comes to transporting the meaning, but the words in the dubbed version are much more offhand and flippant, than in the original French version. It has also much more bad jokes and remarks in it, and the talking is more. For example, when Jean-Claude and Patrick Dewaere walk down the street in the first scene, after they stole "Ursula's" handbag, they talk very little in French, but they do a lot of talking and joking in the dubbed version. It is like that in many, many scenes.So, no matter what version you choose, I hope you will love this movie as much as I do.

Roman D (ru) wrote: one of the best 50ies alien invasion films ever. How cool is that to have an alien monster which is just a rock and not even alive? Just dont get water to it... too bad if it starts to rain... haha... This could be such an awesome remake...

Greg W (br) wrote: cary grant and WB's "oomph girl" team up= a fun comedic farse as they fight a war that has been over for 3 years

Brad B (au) wrote: I'm a fan of cheezy, B-movie horror flicks.