El bosque

El bosque


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:El bosque 2008 full movies, El bosque torrents movie

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El bosque torrent reviews

Nikki L (es) wrote: Plain and honestly, a bit bored. It's a film that you will never feel regret stopping in the middle for some errands and resuming when you get back to the seat. The supposed-to-be-shocking real cause of her granma's death turned out to be nothing extrordinary, and in fact, quite logical and therefore the ending didn't live up to my expectation, not to mention my efforts to follow the whole film through were kind of wasted..

Conner G (nl) wrote: It is atrocious the camera is absolutely laughable no scares. The best part was me and my brother making fun of it.

Beth P (de) wrote: here is the deal... if you want to see david schwim. look defeated and sad and fucked up for an entire hour and a half watch this. its sad and the ending sucks but somehow its a good movie janeane garofalo looks terrible in it too

Jayakrishnan R (mx) wrote: 72%Saw this on 9/12/15A lesser sequel to Desperado, but one with Depp as the saving grace in a character and mannerism that's memorable. The film has some well shot fight sequences in the first half , but towards the end, it feels rushed off and scenes without Depp feel empty and pointless. There is not much of a plot in here and at times a few of the fast editing is simply irritating.

Aaron M (kr) wrote: Its a funnier movie with more stupid humor that may turn off audiences, but its too damn funny to turn away.

Adella T (it) wrote: First time I saw this movie many many years ago, I couldn't stand it. But a day or two afterwards it was still in my head and it just become more and more on my mind until I had to watch it again and again and again and then see everything else by Chen Kaige and from there... I think if I hadn't seen this movie, I may never have gotten drawn into East Asian Studies and certainly would be in an entirely different place now. Also, it's beautifully shot and well acted

Steve C (jp) wrote: Un des plus beaux films sur l'amiti qui traverse le temps. Port par deux actrices formidables, ce film est mes yeux un chef d'oeuvre. Tout simplement un pur bonheur.

Richard H (de) wrote: Its hard for me to give this a score because I just didnt get it. The girl was very pretty and the scene with the cheek was HORRENDOUS


Andi W (ca) wrote: another good ole canadian classic kids movie

Theo B (mx) wrote: Trs beau film et trs touchant...

Private U (gb) wrote: Micheal Curtiz does it again

Todd A (gb) wrote: Yet another animated musical collection. By this time, perhaps it is due to the fact that I am tired of watching movies with no plot, dialogue or characters, and only poorly recorded audio, but I am quite sick of these "packaged" animated films from the 40's. None of them have the imagination of Fantasia and all of them get a little stale and dull after only a few minutes. I count my blessings that this is the last one (kind of) and I finally get to move onto something with an actual story and plot, but first I have to review this downer! This so-called "feature film" is really not a feature film at all but instead is a Fun Fancy and Free- Make Mine Music hybrid. It is a collection of seven animated shorts strung together to create a completely musical film as another imitation of Fantasia. Once again if you are a fan of actual plot and story but not really old music, steer clear of this one. In fact, if you like to only watch quality music animation, you might want to just stay away from this one all together. I've I said I hate the 40's yet?

Michael H (nl) wrote: A modestly successful psychological drama cum Noir with good supporting performances, and one particularly nifty, snappy scene of a blustering attorney repeatedly misidentifying the doctor - it's the one moment when this movie hits us with snappy dialog, and it's very fun.

Christopher B (es) wrote: Bergman is delicious as a willfully naughty woman; Cooper is her near equal. The script creates a perfect balance between youthful melodrama and the yearning for honest love. A solid film, with a powerful 30 ton crash to boot!

Bart W (de) wrote: Cool fight scenes! Feels like Crouching tiger hidden dragon...

Alfredo S (ag) wrote: It has the animation we expect from Disney, but Mulan's characters are forgettable and its plot uninteresting, just enough to make it worth watching once.

Bradley K (ca) wrote: A very odd and difficult drama to watch, though strangely compelling thanks to the careful pacing and intriguing visual non sequiters.

Nathan K (ru) wrote: Comedy worth watching at the very least.