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Jesse F (jp) wrote: It does have a better cast and it's better directed than it's predecessor but it's not a better film.

Dylan V (it) wrote: good pacing. good acting. controversial controversy. play it at parties to start all sorts of conversation.

Michael R (ru) wrote: Lamebrained hybrid of action B-movie and extreme sports commercial will appeal only to those with the attention span of a puppy. Extremely poor acting and extremely low on credibility.

Alex S (ru) wrote: There's a surprising amount of heart, but also an unfortunate lack of laughs, Big Daddy is mildly amusing and a movie you can relax and enjoy, but as expected, it's no cinematic achievement.

Aswin W (ag) wrote: pretty good but sad. I't like Bonnie and Clyde but children.

Orlando D (ag) wrote: Warren Beatty is perfectly cast as the smooth talking, charismatic gangster Bugsy Siegel in Oscar winner Barry Levinson's(Rain Man) Bugsy. Levinson crafted a well directed, well acted cast on the rise and fall of Bugsy and it was not a rival gangster that brought him down, it was a tough-talking starlet Virginia Hill(Annette Bening, who stole her scenes) who causes his downfall as he is blinded by her. The cinematography is excellent and well as the set directions and costumes. It's a sprawling film that seems overlong but the film is never boring due to Levinson's direction and fine cast. This film is largely overlooked but it has the feel of an old gangster film of the 30's and 40's. A well made film that deserves a bigger audience.

Franois M (jp) wrote: Voil une comdie assez banale, mais qui fonctionne malgr tout plutt bien. Belushi et Grodin se tirent bien d'affaire et c'est chaque fois trs divertissant. Dans le genre, on a vu bien pire !

Rhonda W (de) wrote: Best scene ever is the Bishop of Battle....I LOVE this movie

Brock J (de) wrote: I loved the directing especially in the night time scenes when the ape riots began. The scenes of complete silence other than the sounds of the apes' footsteps twoards the local force were so powerful in showing how revolution is never as beautiful and glorious as it may seem, and although sometimes necessary, often brutal.

Alec B (ru) wrote: this could be one of my new favorite films.

Martyn M (fr) wrote: A "Lost Patrol" movie full of standard wartime action ranging from the reasonable to the logic defying absurd. We are being stalked by 4 snipers, 17 of us equiped with heavy weapons, grenades galore and a flame-thrower, yet our rear guard, 1 man who is lagging so far behind us nobody realises it when, having stopped to pick flowers (< Yes, PICK FLOWERS), the snipers sneek up on him an stab him to death. Last sniper, on finally being flushed out and dieing, uses his last breath to call in artillary support, which makes you wonder why he did not do this in the first place. We continue on in the militarilly illogical mode until the final battle scene, which itself defies military logic, by which time one has lost caring. Couple of the men crack-up under the pressure, as someone always does in one of these films. There's a minefield to contend with, another stereo-type they have not forgot about. A lot of gutso hard-man talk, a lot of gunfire, explosions etc ... Pork Chop Hill is the much better film concerning the Korean War.

Christopher B (kr) wrote: Wooden uninspired acting is supplanted by a nearly interesting story spanning two wars.

James H (au) wrote: Moneyball was a fantastic representation of one of the greatest underdog stories in sport history. It shows how baseball was reinvented and revolutionised despite the pundits disapproval. The performances were fantastic, Brad Pitt gave his best performance in a while and Jonah Hill gave possibly the best performance of his career in this serious role too. I think if Jonah Hill really wants to be remembered he should do more films like this one because it really showed off his range and versatility. The film is directed fantastically by Miller and I thought he captured the hardships of things like cutting players and the joy and jubilation of the fans brilliantly. This is probably one of the greatest sporting films ever actually. I feel like not enough people have seen it.

Cliff M (fr) wrote: Two of the best actors of the past 30 years are well equipped to handle this sensitive subject. It may seem a little dated now, but it broke some important misconceptions at the time. I still use Washingtons line "Explain it to me as if I were an 8 year old" whenever I don't understand something.

Stuart K (ag) wrote: Written and directed by Rowdy Herrington, who did Road House (1989), this is a by-the-numbers cop chasing a serial killer murder film. It's an excuse to give it's star the chance to mug around, shooting baddies up and give a wisecrack or two, although most of this is set on a river. It begins in 1991, where Pittsburgh Police Detective Tom Hardy (Bruce Willis) is chasing a serial killer known as the Polish Hill Stranger who has been going around killing women, after a chase of the killer, it ends in a high speed crash where his father Vince (John Mahoney), also a police officer, is killed. After Tom gives evidence against his cousin Sergeant Jimmy Detillo (Robert Pastorelli) for using excessive force against a suspect, Jimmy supposedly commits suicide, and his body is never found. 2 years later, and Tom is now working with the Pittsburgh PD River Rescue, and he's just been assigned a new partner with Jo Christman (Sarah Jessica Parker), who is tough and determined. But, the serial killings start all over again, and the deaths come over a little too close to home for Tom. It's a very silly action film, quite derivative as well. But, it does have moments, but it has a good supporting cast including Dennis Farina and Tom Sizemore. Sadly, Brucie hates the film, and publically apologised for it. Oh, well. :P