El chocolate del loro

El chocolate del loro

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Lee P (ca) wrote: I was captivated by this well-done World War II drama starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard. 2nd viewing 8/10 Rev 434

Avid C (ag) wrote: Looks like a really low key and low budget movie, but there's something about it.

Dena S (ag) wrote: Cute movie if you don't mind already knowing how it will end.

Sean P (kr) wrote: I kept waiting for the animated bear to show up and play with his friends in the hundred-acre woods! However, this was the life story of Winnie Mandela (false advertising much?) and her struggles in South Africa, so I was able to channel my inner Anthony and Julie Kagan for this one. It was actually really well done, a bit on the long side (at least the TIFF screening version we saw), but a very interesting story. Terrence Howard was excellent as Nelson Mandela.

Hannah20 C (gb) wrote: I highly recommend this movie to people who love thrillers and romantic dystopian movies. This movie stars Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss Everdeen), Josh Hutcherson (Peeta Mellark) and Liam Hemsworth (Gale Hawthorne). This movie was directed by Gary Ross, whose popularity increased greatly after directing "The Hunger Games". I think that many people would love this movie. There is a crazy love triangle, where both Peeta and Gale love Katniss. When the annual competition starts called the Hunger Games, you are constantly at the tip of your seat. You are constantly wondering which character will be safe from the scary effects of the competition. I also think that the nation of Panem is super interesting to find out about. In "The Hunger Games", the people of Panem wear very interesting clothes. They have super bright colors and everything is very eccentric. I love the way Gary Ross had all of the apartments and houses. Everything is futuristic and exciting. There is also very few cuss words or inappropriate scenes, if that is what you are concerned about. Some people might not like this movie because there may be too much fighting or just the concept is too cruel. It may be too much for younger children as in there is some fighting. This movie is also partially sad. Katniss goes through some rough times and it pulls some of your heart strings. Also some people may not like this movie because sometimes it can be cheesy with the costumes and the sets. They may be looking for a more mature and feel good movie. I believe that everyone should give this movie a chance. You will be on the tip of your chair throughout the whole film. You can get a good laugh and cry all at the same time.

Aaron B (mx) wrote: A celebration of everything that makes movies so much fun to watch.

Matt S (de) wrote: worst of the Daniel Craig Era still an enjoyable film great action plot is okay but still so so

Gordon T (kr) wrote: THE PITS. "Plan 9 From Outer-Space Meets Blacula" . . . the directing sucks. (The Saturday Night Live skit with Eddie Murphy and Mary Gross is Hilarious!!!! Eddie Murphy only has Scream, Blacula, Scream, on BETA and Mary Gross needs it on VHS . . .funny!!!!!) Voodoo is used to bring-back Blacula from the dead and the scenes barely hang together. Pam Grier is left screaming at the end. EL STUPIDO-LAM-O. from the Director of Count Yorga. Count Yorga is 100% and this is 10%, it felt like The Director felt uncomfortable working with black people . . . hesitant to tell the black actors what to do. "Fear is a snare unto a man." and if the director was afraid, like I think he was, it screwed-up the film.

Will M (gb) wrote: This film, like a lot of Sturges movies, comes off kind of like a nightmare - a well-meaning guy is suckered into living a lie that grows and grows. Ech. Less funny than it is wrenching. The script, of course, is brilliant, airtight, moving - but always a bit too artificial. Worth a look, to be sure.

(ca) wrote: A classic and decent movie.

Franois D (jp) wrote: J'aime beaucoup Julianne Moore. Et elle est une fois de plus excellente dans ce film ou elle joue une prof de linguistique dans la quarantaine (ou debut cinquantaine) qui recoit un diagnostic de la maladie d'Alzheimer. C'est beau, sans que ce soit trop pousse pour nous faire pleurer, comme c'est parfois le cas pour ce type de film.

Tatsuhito K (kr) wrote: A screwball comedy is not my favorite genre because most of the time a lot of the characters in those movies are really loud and annoying. In the case of Why Stop Now, it's the mother played by Melissa Leo and she does a great job playing a self-centered, despicable mother. The plot is not the most groundbreaking one, but it works fine for the film. Loved the script and the performances. Why Stop Now is all over the place, but still a thoroughly enjoyable comedy.