El Cid

El Cid

Epic film of the legendary Spanish hero, Rodrigo Diaz ("El Cid" to his followers), who, without compromising his strict sense of honour, still succeeds in taking the initiative and driving the Moors from Spain.

The fabled Spanish hero Rodrigo Diaz (a.k.a. El Cid) overcomes a family vendetta and court intrigue to defend Christian Spain against the Moors. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Helen L (gb) wrote: Hey everyone! I was an extra in this film! Does anyone know where I could get a copy of it?

Claudia F (es) wrote: It is an excellent piece of work about Rio. There are so much sarcasm that I believe only very few Brazilians would be able to understand... Being more precise, only very few would watch to the end. Most of the less than 2% of the population out of the low income average will never understand or just pretend that the movie is as ridiculous as stupid. It is the opposite and it is for sure not for everyone. I totally recommend it if you really wanna know what Rio is about...

Haralabos S (es) wrote: sad and tragic! never heard of the story before and realized that it was a major issue in us. it's the kind of movie you don't stick in acting but in the story behind it. and if i balance that, i think the movie succeeds in its role! nothing else that important about it!

Pablo F (kr) wrote: At first I thought this was the new werewolf movie and I seriously hope that that one is not as bad as this one. Everything in this movie sucks except the lesbian vampires kissing while they kill people. The plot is stupid(werewolves vs vampires again, a monster hunter called Van Helsing, amulets and shit like that), the special effects could be done by any teenager in their home and the filming and the acting make it look like an amateur film. I dont recomend this to anyone unless you download it for free and want to laugh at how bad this movie is.

Darian B (fr) wrote: How on earth has this movie rated so highly? Anyone who speaks Hebrew can see that the actors either under act or over act. For heavens sakes, just because it's a foreign movie doesn't make it great.

Lucy B (nl) wrote: Amazing, beautiful, funny, simple heartwarming documentary follows a teacher who is on the verge of retirement in rural france, and his little class of a few older children and an few younger children. It is so natural and quiet, I totally loved it. The children are brilliant and it really stays with you. Highly recommended (maybe not if you only watch high energy action films though!!)

(kr) wrote: A surprisingly intense tale of a drug dealer and a gang war in the making, with a very realistic portrait of life in brazilian favelas and crime.

Diana L (au) wrote: Rolf Lassgard is wonderful in this film as is Johan Widerberg and Helena Bergstrom. It is very simplistic and beautiful with some tender moments. By the end I was very involved in the story and left feeling happy. Bravaaaa

Matthew M (kr) wrote: While it may be a little too ambitious for it's own good, Antz is a stellar debut for Dreamworks Animation that brings both charming characters for kids and a strong politically charged story for adults.

(ag) wrote: i really liked this movie it was funny had good humour

Alexandre D (it) wrote: Ce film est une oeuvre d'art sur un art (de vivre...) du XVIIe siecle.

Allan C (au) wrote: I went into this film expecting a "serious" biker film along the lines of it's 80s contemporaries like the Gary Busey biker flick "Eye of the Tiger" or the Lance Henriksen film "Savage Dawn." However, I quickly realized that this was going to be a goofy film complete with cartoon sound effects and hammy acting. The story involves Paul Le Mat and his biker gang going up against Eileen Davidson as She Wolf and her all-female biker gang. There's baby stealing, feminist platitudes, and lots of cornball action. This film was co-written by Sam and Ivan Raimi, and was also produced by Raimi and Bruce Campbell, but this film isn't as broad a send up of as Raimi's "Crimewave" and suffers for it. This film is also lacking the strong cast of "Crimewave." There are some funny bits here and there, but overall this was a disappointing comedy and something of a black mark on Raimi's otherwise solid filmography. Still, it's always kind of a treat to catch a nice high-definition showing of a film that's out-of-print and only availble on VHS.

Al P (us) wrote: U havent seen My Science project?

Kyle B (fr) wrote: I've liked some of Robert Altman's movies, more in the later years like Short Cuts, but this is definitely his funniest endeavor. Altman knows how to balance humor and drama well without making it like a spoof yet still holding on to wacky scenes. Great screenplay and great ensemble most notably Donald Sutherland, Robert Duvall, Elliott Gould, and Sally Kellerman

Simon D (ru) wrote: Period drama (boo) crossed with Benny Hill. This could be a saucy version of sense and sensibility. I found Jones to be annoying and couldn't really get into this. It does have it's quirks here and there but other than that it's a bit dull.

Jimmy M (mx) wrote: Absolutely hilarious! =)