El cielo en tu mirada

El cielo en tu mirada

A young man embarks on a mission against time and reality on the search for destiny and true love.

Pepe, a very talented singer, but not very sure about himself, is going to sing on FICLA and he is very nervous. The same day of the contest, he meets Abril, a very beautiful astronomer. Pepe thinks she is the perfect woman for him, because there is a lot of chemistry between both of them, and he thinks it’s love at first sight. Nevertheless she is getting married that night. What could Pepe do in a very short time? Which plans does the destiny have for him? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angelo Dean B (ca) wrote: An OK movie, I just didn't seem to connect with it. Good performance from Minnie Driver as always.3 Stars!

Huw G (es) wrote: A good job of a very hard subject.

Canem C (kr) wrote: sweet light movie...nothing new, but still fun to watch...it is a feel good, there is still life after 40- if you are fit and blonde- movie :)

Ethan P (nl) wrote: A powerful biopic film about an influential woman, flawlessly portrayed by Meryl Streep.

Tim L (jp) wrote: Very similar to Tim Burton's Big Fish but not quite as good.

John W (us) wrote: Great special effects over dark medieval scenery conflict with dodgey acting and an unnecessary runtime. I caught myself looking for a pillow halfway through.

Brian P (nl) wrote: A movie that tries to be controversial and "real" but is just terrible and fake. They also try to keep the audience attention with nudity which also doesn't work. I should have know that any movie that star Jerry O'Connell and Tera Reid should be avoided at all cost.

Elgan D (es) wrote: Allen on fine form again with his unparalleled ability to deconstruct relationships, capture human frailties and enthuse on his home city all whilst being really very humorous. I was a little disappointed by the apparently studio influenced ending though.

Sofanit M (kr) wrote: A Senegalese woman's inner thoughts in the 60's. The director touches upon a young womans strive to make something of herself, faced with the challenges of poverty, identity, womanhood and belonging. Although made in the 60's it is not far from the inner dialogue that most immigrants experience.

Roopesh M (de) wrote: So meaningful movie with a true picture of Indian villages.

Luistxo F (us) wrote: Effective movie. A denunciation of historical Vatican ambiguity.

Peter C (fr) wrote: It was awesome. I loved it. It followed the book pretty well.

Leo K (de) wrote: Civil rights movies always stir feelings within me, and occasionally make me shed a tear. It's amazing the amount of struggle humans have with themselves. Whoever is right, ultimately, needs to sacrifice a LOT before things could potentially change. Whether it's for skin colour, religion, gender, sexual preference, or even animal rights (the next step). A+ movie.

Ellen G (nl) wrote: Kanskje en hakkete historie, hva vet jeg, men fine bilder og stemning.