El cochecito

El cochecito

Seventy-something Don Anselmo, a retired minister, becomes obsessed with owning a motorized wheelchair and fakes infirmity to get it.

Seventy-something Don Anselmo, a retired minister, becomes obsessed with owning a motorized wheelchair and fakes infirmity to get it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicole T (br) wrote: Scary as Bigfoot's balls probably are. 4 stars

Elisa T (us) wrote: Hated it. Ridiculous.

Jonny P (ag) wrote: Take "Before Sunset," subtract love story, convert all conversation topics to existentialism, spread conversations between hundreds of characters in minute-long vignettes, add trippy animation, and voila: You have "Waking Life"! You can definitely tell that this is a Richard Linklater film from its conversational style. Rather than being tied together by a plot or a small group of characters, the film is tied together by the existential conversations of its hundred unnamed characters. As a result it feels too disjointed for my taste. This film requires a lot of focus in order to wrap your mind around its high-brow philosophical concepts, especially since there is basically no reprieve from the constant flow of ideas. The conversations will truly challenge your mind, but it's a lot to digest during a 100-minute movie. The film is immediately recognizable from its surreal rotoscoping animation technique. There is truly no other movie that looks like this one. While the visual appeal is a strong point of the movie, there are definitely points where the film would work better as a book on tape so that you could focus on the concepts without being distracted by the images. With so many surreal philosophical concepts, "Waking Life" makes it difficult to be sure about anything... lest one thing: This movie is entirely unlike any other that you will ever see.

Robert R (nl) wrote: Upon first glance, this might only look like a basic, hedonistic glance into the American music scene of the 1960's, but with writer/director Tom Hanks at the helm of this surprisingly elegant ship, the audience is actually given a lot more to chew on than you'd expect. Apart from being a solid period piece, "That Thing You Do!" is also a brilliant comedic coming-of-age showpiece, a compelling exploration into the roots of human ambition, and a fascinating look at the dichotomous relationship between art and commercial capitalism. A fun movie? No doubt. But it's also quite a bit more than that as well.

Heather S (gb) wrote: I absolutely LOVE this movie! I watch it every year.

matt f (us) wrote: I love this movie! Yes it's a bit ridiculous but lots of fun . :)

Trent R (ru) wrote: Lesser Lester, but pretty fun all the same. The romance does not work, and in the end seems intentionally so as the tone shifts more clearly towards a revolutionary war farce at the end. The supporting cast offer some hilarious, Strangelovian types along the way. But it does take some time to commit to the humorous deconstruction and satire.

Jenna I (br) wrote: Incredibly bizarre and very disjointed... British humor is so hit and miss- it's either brilliant or its awful. This movie leans towards the latter. It has some good ideas, but the execution of those ideas tends to fall flat. I'll have to watch it again, honestly, to make more sense of it. PS John Lennon is pretty adorable.

Giorgio P (ru) wrote: I didn't laugh. A review as simple and uninteresting as the movie.

Joanna B (nl) wrote: Based on the wildly popular video game series, Resident Evil: Afterlife is the fourth (and critically hailed best) installment to the franchise. With the aid of 3D, the world ravaged by viral infection and the undead is brought into the realm of frightening real. To get you up to speed basic Resident Evil film mythology is as follows; RE1 - Alice (Milla Jovovich) a woman working as a security operative for the evil Umbrella Corporation, awakes in a strange place, only to be confronted with an out-of control supercomputer with a god complex and an underground lab full of infected scientists turned flesh-eating zombies.RE2 - As the T-Virus breaks out onto-the-streets of Raccoon City, Alice is one of the few survivors. Released as a test subject to match the power of Umbrella's new experimental Nemesis, the now in enhanced Alice realises she has more than the average human ability to fight and survive; telekinesis, a pupil dilation force-field blast, and a unique form of internal brain computer hacking aids in her perpetual survival.RE3 - The T-Virus has now consumed the planet and Alice on a solo mission stays under the radar of the Umbrella Corporation scouring the Nevada desert trying to help people. Teaming up with a convoy of survivors, hope for a safe place from infection is promised in Alaska. In RE3 it is revealed that he Umbrella Corporation has made thousands of clones from Alice using the DNA they took from her in RE2. In Resident Evil 4, as zombies dominate the post-apocalyptic landscape, Alice along with her clones carry out a mission to destroy the evil Umbrella Corporation's subterranean Tokyo lair and take down her arch-enemy and chairman of the company, Wesker (Shawn Roberts).After seemingly destroying the Umbrella Corporations base of operations, Alice sets out to find the safe haven in Alaska and meet up with her friends from RE3. However, Wesker is not so easily disposed of and whilst en route Alice is ambushed and injected with an anti-viral serum stripping her of the superhuman powers. Arriving in the Alaskan wilderness, she finds old comrade Claire (Ali Later) but she is alone and suffering memory loss. Together they head for the devastated city of LA, where they discover a small group, bailed up in the city jail surrounded by a teeming horde of the undead.In a perilous trap with no way out, issues inside the prison, and a new unknown creature (to the series) attempting to get in, Can the now human Alice get out of this one?The answer (spoiler alert!) is yes. In a distractingly obvious way, returning writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson (who was only producer/writer for installments two and three) has blatantly left the ending beyond-wide-open for episode five. After turning the franchise 3D to boast ratings, it would have been beneficial to leave the plot waning series on this high note, however the lure of ravenous zombies and disposable supporting actors is obviously just to much to let this one die a peaceful death. Surprisingly easier on the gore; Resident Evil 4 tries to inject a little humanism into its inhuman video-game based foundations. Milla's now human Alice is wisely rendered even more vulnerable and relatable as she keeps a heartfelt video-blog journal of her lonely expedition. Whilst Ali's Claire gets an emotional boost as among the minimal survivors she finds her brother Chris (Wentworth Miller).The Verdict: Even as the world continues to devour its self and your stuck in an LA maximum security prison, there seems always to be time for perfect hair and rockin' lipstick. How can you really be afraid of something so removed from reality? (said the woman who almost has a heart attack...)Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 22/10/2010