El conde de Montecristo

El conde de Montecristo

Edmundo Dantes is falsely accused by those jealous of his good fortune, and is sentenced to spend the rest of his life in the notorious island prison, Chateau d'If. While imprisoned, he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vincent S (ru) wrote: A fun, fascinating and extremely informative documentary of one of the most fascinating managers in entertainment. The manager of Alice Cooper for 43 years and many more talented artists including Anne Murray and Teddy Pendergrass. I loved spending time getting to know this colorful and charming personality and the line up of talking head interviews from a plethora of huge stars in movies and music! Mike Meyers is back with his loving tribute, this movie is one of the best times I have had watching a documentary and one of my favorite movies of the year for pure entertainment value!

Timm S (es) wrote: What Is Most Attractive Are The Non-Conformed Elements. A Quietly Brooding Piano Soundtrack, The Resounded Fatefulness Of Each Character & A Director Who Knows What He's Doing. A Devious But Deeply Thought-Out Take On American Deprivity.

Javier E (ru) wrote: La historia de una ejecutiva que al ver que su jefa toma sus ideas como propias y decide tomar a venganza (a pesar de estarse acostando con el novio de la jefa). Buen duelo de actrices, siempre es agradable ver en pantalla a Scott-Thomas y a Sagnier, que ademas de guapas son estupendas actrices. La trama tiene toques de "Secretary" con "All About Eve", pero eso no la hace mejor, simplemente sirve de referencia para entender el ultimo trabajo de Alain Corneau, que es satirico y dramatico a la vez. Vale la pena, sobre todo si de quieren adelantar al remake que ya esta trabajando Brian De Palma con Rachel McAdams y Noomi Rapace. (texto intencionalmente sin acentos).

Kevin L (ag) wrote: For people who do not play the trading card game, the movie will be a maze. For even the fans, Yu-Gi-Oh! the Movie disappoints with an uninteresting storyline and cheap gimmicks to promote new cards

Dogwood D (jp) wrote: Touching low budget film about a young Maori girl & her struggle to gain acceptance from her grandfather. A positive role model for young girls. I would have enjoyed more information about Maori culture & current problems, but I suspect that would have caused the movie to be less popular.

Rachel C (au) wrote: Hey let's all quit our familes, lock up all the hormonally challenged teenagers, mothball the metal detectors and then close all the schools and run for the hills. But first, be sure to stop off at Grandpa Sutherland's gun store and buy him out lock, stock and barrel. Unsheave your Bowie knife and slice off a piece of pre-Obama America and this is the film one might get, that's if you're a hopeless citizen who refuses to take any responsibility for the country's slide into darkness. Stand out: Tony Goldwyn's tortured character.

butch h (de) wrote: The story of the child refugees who were transported to Britain to escape the Nazi Holocaust.

Olivia K (gb) wrote: I am not a fan of action films but I loved this film. It held my interest from beginning to end. Well done with a great story line. The cast is stellar in its perfomances. Worth watching, worth purchasing. Can never see it enough.

John Y (nl) wrote: Best football movie...EVER!!!

Esmail B (nl) wrote: My all time favourite..Lookout for the climax..its amazing

Marco F (br) wrote: HOBGOBLINS, a blatant rip-off of GREMLINS which was directed, produced, written and photographed by Rick Sloane is one of the worst movies ever made. This is not a so-bad-it's-good movie. HOBGOBLINS is a so-bad-it's-appalling movie. Most so-bad-it's-good movies you can watch and laugh at- not HOBGOBLINS. This is supposed to be a so-bad-its-good movie. It's not. This is an astonishing feat: there is nothing here- nothing. You can't laugh at this movie because there is nothing to laugh at. I have never seen a film that is such a dead wasteland of imagination- not even GARBAGE PAIL KIDS. And that is saying something. In addition to being an extremely weird, strange take on American society, it is the least imaginative serious-filmmaking effort in history. To equate this film to having any imagination or innovation is like saying how creative the Nazis were during the Holocaust. So while I am on the topic- this film is a cinematic holocaust- maybe even worse than that- if possible.Of every visually and storytelling-coherent film I've seen, I don't think I've seen a weaker film than this. It is totally, hopelessly, unwatchably stupid and incompetent. Even Ed Wood's films had a little bit of understanding of human beings as a species. Not this one. There is absolutely nothing in this movie at all that is interesting or that makes sense- you might as well stare at a blank wall for 92 minutes. No film I've seen is as alien as this one (pun intended). Also- in terms of general unpleasantness committed by vulgarity- this is on the level of FREDDY GOT FINGERED- and that's feat. I have not seen a film that left an aftertaste so malignant and foul as this one other than perhaps FGF.This completely intellectually bankrupt movie demonstrates absolutely no understanding of human nature or human relationships, or even the real world itself, for that matter. The movie isn't even really about these Hobgoblin creatures. There is, quite simply, no basis of any kind of reality here- and the film delves into the realm of realism- and it is a completely dismal failure. The film has comedic elements, but all are so stupid and so unfunny, you might as well try to come up with better gags amongst friends that you watch this movie with- and even viewing this picture is a real task. People do things that no person would do and Sloane's directing is living proof of the comfortable Los Angeles bubble he has lived in- he has no understanding of any shade of reality and how normal people behave. He must be the kind of person who lives in his mother's basement with shelves and shelves of incomplete scripts he has written but never had the time or drive to send them to the right people.The whole movie is a real mess- its really about these weird young people and how they relate to each other, with music and Hobgoblins in the background. I don't think Rick Sloane has many friends and he also has an extremely poor understanding of how people work. if he did, then he would not have made this movie. Every single woman in this movie dresses and behaves like a whore, and every man under the age of 30 must prove he is as manly as an army soldier wearing an ammo belt over his shoulder- some decide to prove how manly they are by fighting each other with garden tools, in one of the most boring, pointless and idiotic scenes in movie history.The vulgarity of this film is off the scale. The average female of my generation is far more feminist than of any other previous generation. This movie treats particularly women atrociously and very strangely- any girl or woman of my generation would storm out of the theatre before possibly throwing things at the screen- if they weren't sleeping a mere 2 minutes into this film. Nobody deserves to be treated this way. The way this is written clearly proves that Sloane has never had a girlfriend or has never had a friendly relationship with any woman at all- save for his mother. All women in this movie are either complete whores and/or frigid, mean, unfeeling bitches. The main female character, Amy- has both of these unfortunate attributes. First, she is a frigid, unsupportive bitch who is deep down a sex-crazed whore. In sharp contrast to the conservative clothing she wears as a frigid bitch, she decides to wear skimpy clothing, lots of makeup and behave in a sexually charged way on a stage in a nightclub in front of lots of men catcalling for her- in other words, a total whore auctioning herself to the most interested bidder- just to get attention from her boyfriend. Now- the Hobgoblins bring your deepest desires out before they kill you- and for all the women in this movie- it is all about sex, sex and more sex. Women in this movie have to prove they are sleazy, tacky, sex-crazed freaks to even have any sex at all. And then she has to verbally communicate to the man she is most interested in that she wants to have sex with- not have a close, friendly relationship with that person and let that moment come naturally- it's more like "you know- since I really like you- you can do anything you want to me- at no charge"- minus the insight into why she is doing that. What person behaves like that? If that doesn't define the screenwriting equivalent of nails on a chalkboard, I do not know what does. The rating says 1/2 a star up there. I admit I made a mistake- it is supposed to be zero stars. This film deserves negative stars- but since the lowest rating is zero, I might as well go with that. But it doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same piece of writing as stars, or anything else positive. This is a film so appalling, so brain-dead, so vulgar, so incompetent, so ugly and so boring that Mystery Science Theater 3000 did this nuclear waste too generous a service- and this includes ruthlessly mocking a fake Rick Sloane at the end of that particular episode. In fact, I am not sure even bad movie buffs could sit through this without the Mystery Science Theater 3000 commentary- it's that bad. Only someone with rat droppings for brains could have made this movie. It is simply impossible to watch this film for any reason whatsoever- and I don't know how the makers of that show were able to do it- they deserve an Emmy for Special Achievement in Television Production.

Pja J (us) wrote: I didnt go into this movie expecting to be scared. I just wanted to have fun. And boy, was is funny. The ridiculousness yet creativity of it makes it one of the most enjoyable movies Ive seen in a long time. And of course, Gizmo is the cutest.

Jerry L (jp) wrote: Peter Weller plays a high power business guy who has a rat in his townhouse. A townhouse that he lovingly restored himself by hand. Only this is no ordinary rat. A must see! Wow. One of my new favorites.

Sam A (ag) wrote: So many impressive performances make this film truly enjoyable. Albert Finney was exceptionally funny and the supporting cast were very good. I loved the ending as well It was brilliantly concluded and made the film a lot off until watch.

Paul P (kr) wrote: Fun fact: The phrase "so it goes" is never mentioned once in this movie.

Jordan F (it) wrote: The accuracy of the narrative and unbiased style of direction ensures that this is a film leagues ahead of Michael Bay's 'Pearl Harbour'. And though it can at times lack blockbuster thrills, it remains a potent account of the decisions and mistakes behind the deaths of thousands.

David S (de) wrote: I had a small sense of disappointment with this one. This was one Bergman film I was highly anticipating, but when the time came I found it be be lesser, and it didn't helped that I watched it after I'd already seen 'Wild Strawberries'. Although I may say I was disappointed, that is in no way implying that the film is bad. The story is sad at moments and the acting is just as good as it usually is in Bergman's pictures. You also can't discuss this film without mentioning the beautiful set pieces. In no way, shape, or form do I regret taking the time to take this watch this, but what is regrettable is that it's not at the top of my list of favorite Ingmar Bergman films...

Bob V (kr) wrote: Absolutely the WORST movie of all time!! Actors are horrible. Storyline is lame. Seriously, DO NOT waste your time or money on this copycat looser of a film.

Thomas B (us) wrote: Incredibly stupid would be one thing, but Full Throttle is just boring as hell. Full review later.

John G (fr) wrote: Med ringrever som Neeson og Harris kan det ikke g helt skeis. Men det hadde gjort det uten.