El Cortez

El Cortez

A man just released from a mental institution gets involved in a gold mine scheme while trying to avoid the cops, a wrathful drug dealer, and a sultry femme fatale.

A man just released from a mental institution gets involved in a gold mine scheme while trying to avoid the cops, a wrathful drug dealer, and a sultry femme fatale. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew S (nl) wrote: Just as I was becoming truly annoyed by this movie, it turn an unexpected turn. As these two cloyingly vacant and cruel losers find their way into The Flatbush area of NYC, things take a ever-so-slight twist. By the time they actually reaching the "general" area of destination it seems like they are becoming as tired of each other as I was of them. I'm fairly certain that this was Sarah-Violet Bliss and Charles Rogers' intent. The final third of the movie finally takes these self-entitled dim-wits full circle. It is doubtful that these two characters will ever come to terms with who and what they are, but they do get more than either knows how to deal. Both Bridey Elliott and Clare McNulty give spot-on performances. McNulty is actually quite brilliant. Bliss/Rogers' owe what works about this movie largely to these two actors.

Irene S (kr) wrote: part 3 is just as cute as part 1 and 2. the whole gang is back, Papi, Chloe, and the puppies. New job and puppy Rosa' s quince are just around the corner. there are bad guys and good doggies. cute movie for the whole family.

Andy B (es) wrote: I thought this movie was quite funny. I liked the cast a lot as well. I'd probably watch it again. 7.5/10

Nick I (jp) wrote: God this is dumb but it's penguins so how could you hate! Lol

Jade S (kr) wrote: Good movie. Dark humor, but has some very funny parts.

Victor M (mx) wrote: An Argentinian film about two cons, the skilled and the new one. The DVD has only Spanish audio and I think it would be hard to equal the richness of the dialogues into another language.

Knox M (de) wrote: Smarter than your typical Schwarzenegger flick. Verhoeven improves on Robocop with a fantastic script from the group that brought us Alien and brings to the material some biting satire on corporate America.

Cody C (nl) wrote: Some beautiful stuff for sure, great use of red and white, but the storytelling is pretty lacking. Something more linear would've been better I think. As it stands, it never really builds momentum and there's no real pace.

Mikael K (it) wrote: Penned by "Doctor Who" scribe Mark Gatiss and directed by TV veteran Terry McDonough, "An Adventure in Space and Time" is a docudrama of the highest quality. The movie details the creation of the iconic BBC sci-fi production "Doctor Who," a TV-series that has lived on for half a century, maintaining quality, creative innovation and social commentary.The movie follows the show's first producer Varity Lambert (Jessica Raine), who as a green young woman faced sexist opposition and struggled to bring BBC into the era of intelligent science fiction. Raine is competent in the role, but the show gets intentionally stolen David Bradley as William Hartnell, the very first actor to portray the character of the Doctor himself, an alien who lives through several centuries and faces.The story of how the show survived despite heavy opposition is fascinating enough, but at its core this film is about Hartnell, a brilliant character actor whose mental faculties were failing during the firs four seasons of the show. Bradley conveys a stubborn, serious but deeply vulnerable Hartnell, a man forced to face his limitations and mortality while living through the pain of creativity.I thought that "An Adventure in space and Time" would be a nice curiosity to see as a dedicated "Doctor Who" fan, but it's so much more than simple fan service to recreate a behind the scenes -featurette of sorts. It's a deeply moving, sad and contemplative film that conveys universal ideas about creativity, artistic integrity and the quiet tragedy of someone who is gradually slipping away, who no longer feels like someone who matters.

Gregg M (br) wrote: I rented this from redbox not expecting much and that's exactly what I got. Bad acting, worse plot and I'm usually forgiving of wrestlers I like. Kurt is way more believable in wrestling and has the capability to play a character with much more depth than shown here. I blame the writers for terrible conversations with no back story or depth and the director for really bad angle and camera positioning. Casting was terrible as well. I found myself laughing at many scenes that were not meant to be funny and wish they just tried to be funny instead of having forced acting with pauses and hesitation. If you want to laugh at how bad this movie is, then be my guest. I just wish they gave Kurt Angle a chance with a good plot and decent supporting cast. Even 25 year old special effects could have helped out here. Feel free to carry on side conversations during the movie, you wont miss a thing.

Tim P (kr) wrote: Takes me back to being teenager, not that I used crack or anything!

Nick C (de) wrote: Quite the bizarre experience