El despertar de L

El despertar de L


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Aaron C (ca) wrote: A suprisingly engaging historic epic about a band of 7 brothers sent to rescue their betrayed general father on the battlefield. If the title is derivative of the Spielberg WWII film, it is a bit of a misnomer -- however the gory battle scenes do highlight the destructive nature of war, where there are no real winners. The meteoric catapult barrage was done to good effect, and one can really feel for each of the brothers, in their camaraderie, filial piety and self-sacrifice, to their parents, each other, and ultimately, nation.

Michael A (nl) wrote: dull little "What if.." movie about 3 friends drafted into the war with Iraq

Auta A (es) wrote: It is a shame for younger generations to only know them as the band that made theme songs for the CSI franchise while on the other side, they're the best rock n' roll band ever, period. This rockumentary comes with 2 films pack (The Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who & The Amazing Journey: 6 Quick Ones) and pretty much covers it all, from the band's beginnings through their sky-rocket to fame, unreleased concerts footage and all the up's an down's in between. It is a 2 hours orgasmic experience for me, and will be for any The Who devotees, owh and Noel Gallagher can suck his own cock and eat his own shit, who the fuck he think he is? Ignorant cunt! Highly recommend!

Sean D (fr) wrote: I had always thought Ali Larter was a good actress...until I saw this film. It's long, and at times very slow, with musical numbers that go on for hours.

Stefanie F (au) wrote: Excellent portrayal of tortured modern artist Jackson Pollock. Ed Harris and Marcia Gay Harden are stellar!

Christian W (nl) wrote: This is a good example that you need more than a great script and highly skilled actors to put on a good show. You also need a half-decent director.

John B (ca) wrote: A film that doesn't need the epic length provided to it. Call is Clear and Present Boredom. Dated and dull.

Allan C (de) wrote: My opening line for this review was going to dismiss this film as a Roger Corman knock-off of "The Dirty Dozen," but then I noticed the year this film was released and it actually predated Robert Aldrich's film by three years. In Corman film, he tells the WWII story of a group of convicted solders service life sentences a chance at a pardon by going on a suicide mission to kidnap an Italian general. The set up is exactly the same as "The Dirty Dozen" but this film really does tell it's own story and in comparing the two films, it really hits home how well done "The Dirty Dozen" was. The team here is not nearly as spectacular, which the only stars being Stewart Granger, Mickey Rooney, and Henry Silva. And since this is a Roger Corman film, the it's also a modestly budgeted film as well, w which doesn't allow this film to be the big war film it wants to be. Still, Corman rarely bakes a boring film and this film isn't boring. It's just not all that exciting or original.