El despertar del lobo

El despertar del lobo


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Christopher C (au) wrote: Long and very boring. Remember he spent a long time in jail and there is not much to tell or show for that part of his life. Idris Elba and Naomie Harris do an amazing performance.

Alicia b (ag) wrote: Love this movie. I own it

Masorad (de) wrote: D.B. Sweeney sports the requisite bags-under-the-eyes for the duration of this all-holds-barred comedy ostensibly about finding yourself among the downsized-downtrodden in the so-called new economy. Pulls all punches and delivers a weak, meek and flaccid tale as disposable as can be. Highlight: (as per) Taylor Negron.

Heather M (jp) wrote: What a great story. It was thrilling and heartbreaking all at the same time. The cast was brilliant and the ending was how it had to be.

Gregory M (ag) wrote: This basically worked because of the whole "ethnic" thing,that brought a kind of freshness to the story.I liked it mostly for that.And of course who could resist the Cary Grant spirit?

Ethan B (ru) wrote: The premise is ridiculous, but this ode to former child actors is really a fun film with some pretty entertaining references. The problems lie in the fact that half way through you forget that it's even about former child stars and the issues that come with it because it starts focusing too much on the relationship between Dickie and his new family. It relies too heavily on its saccharine resolutions and doesn't have enough deserved tension beforehand to make it as worthwhile as it should be. Basically, it's too heartwarming too often--don't get me wrong, it might bring smiles to your face, but in hindsight you wish that there was more at steak. It's also has a lot of plot holes--such as how did the mom know that Dickie used to play Candy Land with his dad? And if the Finney family doesn't have much money then how can they afford to fix the house when the water bed floods and destroys it? It also doesn't clarify Dickie's money situation and doesn't show him hitting the rock bottom that it could have. Not to mention much of the character depth is paper thin or uneven. Much of the film is completely unbelievable and caddywhompus. And David Spade plays the same pervy character that he always plays so much so that you forget that he's not playing himself. Films like this are enjoyable still because of their novelty. It's an idea that isn't really tapped into, and it does showcase David Spade's talent decently well.Twizard Rating: 74

Andrew B (ca) wrote: if u dont mind a long drawn out documentary its really interesting... otherwise you'll hate it!!!

Clay B (gb) wrote: FLESH AND BONE (1993)

Yolande M (br) wrote: 1988 movie. A young vixen aims her target at a new handsome professor; the tutoring she wants isn't exactly in the study guide. What happens in the classroom stays in the classroom.Interesting contrast between contemporary man and early man (tribes). Dialogue poses many questions: Before God? Does God exist? What is love? What existed before God & creation?The answers are somewhere in your heart...

John T (de) wrote: See this, and your notion of what makes a movie a movie will be completely transformed.

John R (jp) wrote: 121101: Fantastic! What a romp. I'm assuming that I'm just extremely biased when it comes to westerns. I found this film fun. Martial arts infused spaghetti western. Per the description above this film has scenes of extreme violence but they're great if you don't take the film too seriously. If you take this film seriously, then you need to loosen up. This is spaghetti at it's best and if you're a martial arts fan than even better. There is some seriously racist commentary included in this film so be warned. I didn't even know Shanghai Joe's name until near the end of the film. Everyone just calls him "the chink". These films, spaghetti westerns, were made in a different time but many of them were a blast. I love Joe's scream as he attacks. I loved the eye gouge. I loved the villains. Just plain fun. One question, is this part of a series?

Mark F (jp) wrote: I love this film. A movie that shows off the skill and tenacity of the Royal Navy when we still ruled the waves. I revelled in the britishness of it and its welcome viewing anytime.

Trevor W (mx) wrote: An early Disney classic, and probably one of its most warm-hearted. Dumbo is about a child overcoming its birth defect and using it to his advantage. The high point of the film is the scene when he and his mother are reunited, but the very short length limits character development and motivation.

shawn o (us) wrote: like smelling dirty diapers?..don't know..never saw it....sorry?!?

Brad F (br) wrote: Unfortunately I thought this movie was really very terrible.Very, very terrible. Acting was average from Cuba Gooding Jnr., awful by Lungren though he has a certain charisma regardless of his poor acting and as for the supporting mobsters - OMG they were just plain bad. I was actually laughing at their attenmpted accents.'m not normally one to be so negative but I honestly feel like I've lost an hour or so of my life that I can't get back. If this was classified as a comedy I would've given it another half a star.

Jim W (nl) wrote: horrible ...disgusting.. concept

Kyle B (es) wrote: Very fun movie with a wonderful performance from Ben Kingsley. Ray Winstone and Ian McShane are also great. It's well written and directed with a great soundtrack.