El espectro del terror

El espectro del terror

A twisted sleazebag stalks and strangles gorgeous women in this Spanish terror classic.

Mary Preston, Iberia stewardess, lives with her ​​friend and companion Elena Nohara. She finds out that is followed by a mysterious character. He is Charly, an airport employee, U.S. Vietnam veteran, unhinged and with sexual disorders due to the infidelity of his wife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Russ V (ru) wrote: Hatchet III is another solid sequel to 2006's Hatchet, but for a lot of the movie it felt like it was turning into an action movie, which didn't really work for me.

Carlos Z (jp) wrote: The photo shoot parts are nice and sexy, the horror part is a little lame. Decent.

Karsh D (us) wrote: Sly and Arnie team up once more as they try to breakout of a prison that no one has escaped from. Vinnie Jones is in this as well. best to warn you.

Bryan S (de) wrote: Adam Sandler deserved an Oscar nomination for this movie!

Geoffrey T (gb) wrote: Very well-directed and certainly does more with less when referring to the budget. The writing is pretty good and the acting is good also, but some of the thriller elements didn't draw me in as much as the film wanted to.

Phil H (ca) wrote: Its hardly an elaborate plan, this simply a basic plot involving Milla setting up her violent boyfriend in a murder so she can escape his brutal beatings and her old lifestyle. Its OK, the cast is good but the story is very basic and nothing new. I love Milla, she's very cute and very sexy, that's the best bit haha the rest is run of the mill. Macfadyen is quite good but alittle hammy as the violent 'Big Al',but nothing really exciting happens here, very average.

Olivier G (mx) wrote: Meilleur film de tout les temps et impossible trouver, dommage!!!

Michelle P (it) wrote: Folks who don't like baseball and its history may not like this one as much as I do but I think it is fabulous.

Private U (au) wrote: This movie sucks, but I love it like it's my ugly child.

Mark D (us) wrote: Enjoyable cos the guy is a nutter. But nothing amazing. Think i had my expectations too high because its often labelled as the best Christmas themed slasher. Still, it has it moments and was fun in places. Relies heavily on its lead.

Robert P (de) wrote: Great use of symbols and imagery in a dark gothic murder mystery. Influential but now familiar arena for the viewer as we track the undulating fortunes of an accidental killer who tries to conceal his crime. Interesting early introduction of a writer gaining inspiration and titilation from real life crime, reminiscent of the lead murderer in Rope. Some to-be-exptected deft touches from a master film maker but somehow feels lesser than earlier German based movies like M or Spies. A great study in evil from the lead character

Steve D (mx) wrote: I remember this being hilarious when I was younger and crying with laughter at the camp fire scene. Re-watching now and it doesn't stand the test of time. Shame as I really wanted to enjoy it again.

Kim B (us) wrote: A very thorough and extensive documentary on two hopeful basketball stars from inner city Chicago. It follows the two players over their middle school n high school basketball careers as well as their home life, school, n environment. Documentary made following the games easy n interesting to a non basketball fan. I also liked how they interviewed many people and did this documentary over so many years to really give a full picture. I read a book kinda about the same thing but on an Indian reservation n how athletics are seemingly only option for them to get out of their bad upbringing. hThe one coach I think contributed to the downfall of gates career by not letting him heal long enuff n pushing him too far. Both athletes wind up with kind of the same fate despite going thru very different school systems-getting scholarships, getting gfs pregnant young, not making it into pro but playing basketball in college, having someone in their family murdered etc...I'm glad that despite not making it pro both did well for themselves considering where they grew up and obstacles they faced. In a way it is a bit of a failing I think how everyone is only concerned with their game n not their academics or emotional well being. So much pressure at a young age. Goes to show that sometimes real stories are more interesting than fiction. I don't agree that this is the best documentary ever but it certainly is engaging, I didn't like narrators voice.

John A (ag) wrote: A lot of great psychological thrillers stick in my mind for days after seeing them. Oculus stuck in my mind for years. It is one of the most unique and gut wrenching films of all time in my opinion. While other movies rely on cheap jump scares to get you, Oculus scares you with feelings of despair, helplessness, and grief. It, at times, gives you a feeling of distrust in your own eyes and thoughts, which is extremely unsettling. I love how Flanagan's movies don't have to always wrap up in a happy ending to satisfy the audience, studio, or whatever. These brutal conclusions to his films leave me repeating "NO" in my head during the closing seconds. He loves to string the audience along for 90 minutes, rip your guts out, roll credits, and good luck going to sleep tonight. Best horror director alive right now.

Jen H (nl) wrote: um what happened to the brother they both had at the beginning of the first movie? and stop with all the unfunny jokes, thor