El extraordinario viaje de Lucius Dumb

El extraordinario viaje de Lucius Dumb

Animation film about Human Rights of Children to a younger audience in a dynamic and entertaining. A story about the values​​, need and equal justice in the first years of life, when it's necessary to have someone to fight for them.

A group of highly intelligent, crazy and exceptionally brainy scientists are trying to discover an instrument that will help turn Planet Earth into a peaceful, happy and bright planet. They... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bobby N (jp) wrote: Nice little comedy. Original story line. liked it.

Kade C (de) wrote: A fantastic prequel to the original trilogy of X-Men films, First Class introduces a new younger cast that absolutely has the ability to carry the franchise for years. McAvoy and Fassbender are wonderful as Professor X and Magneto and lead this fun new chapter in X-Men lore.

Kenneth L (us) wrote: This is the fifteenth movie I've seen by the incomparable Werner Herzog, who, based on his overall body of work, remains one of my top 5 favorite filmmakers. This movie, while embodying a number of typically Herzog elements, is probably the least effective work of his that I've seen. It's still got plenty of insanity going on, and it's more interesting than a lot of movies; but compared to Herzog's other works, it feels jumbled and doesn't have as strong a flow or thematic cohesion as one might hope. I would recommend it, but only to people who have already liked a bunch of Herzog's other films.The story follows a disturbed man (Michael Shannon, who was excellent in the film Take Shelter and one of the only good things about Man of Steel) who lives with his overbearing mother and, one day, murders her with a sword. Most of the movie plays out as a hostage situation, with him inside his house hiding from the police, as his girlfriend (Chloe Sevigny) and drama teacher (Udo Kier) tell a detective (Willem Dafoe) stories about him, which we see in flashbacks. Parts of the movie play like a remix of other elements from better Herzog movies. Insane protagonist? Check. Scenes shot in the Amazon jungle? Check. Lingering contemplative shots of animals? Check. There's a lot of Herzog-ian stuff here, but compared to his other films it largely feels tossed-off and/or inelegantly incorporated. The acting is agreeably strange, and there are a few long takes where I felt true brilliance shining through. On the whole, though, it's not one of Herzog's stronger films, and feels like an afterthought relative to, say, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. If you love Herzog already, go ahead; if you've never seen Herzog before, I've got 14 other movies I recommend first.

Matt R (ca) wrote: ....run away... run away.... this is baaaaaaad. (I watched this movie on its alternative title "Ninjas Creed" - where they came up with that god only knows..... - it didn't help. Also the main leads voices where dubbed too!). The 1/2 star is purely for Eric Roberts, lets call that a 'mistep' shall we Eric (can't wait to watch you in the Expendables)....

Tabatha T (nl) wrote: I liked this alot, its so edge of your seat lol

Cline D (jp) wrote: Classique chass crois entre deux couples qui se mlangent les pattes, avec un gentil pilogue l'amricaine.

Loren T (ca) wrote: Watching grass grow has a mucher higher entertainment value. Unbeliebaly boring.

Andy P (jp) wrote: Part of a string of retro-TV shows from the 1960s and '70s that were brought to the big screen during the '90s, 'The Brady Bunch Movie' was not a straight-forward adaptation. It was more so a satirical send-up of the old series. In that original series, the Brady family were very much about teaching their audience about family values and how to live in a caring, tolerant and understanding environment. This made for a very dull series. If the 1990s movie version were to simply duplicate the series, it wouldn't be very interesting, and quite frankly, a very lame film. Instead the movie is a parody of the series, as well as paying homage to it. This was a stroke of genius. The 1970s-styled Bradys are backdropped by an urban 1990s setting. This contrasts the outrageously lame Bradys with the bitter, cynical "modern" world. Most of the comedy comes from this contrast. The Bradys are usually very chipper and well-natured, while their neighbours are cynical, rude and arrogant. While the comedy comes from a terrific concept, the performances are the driving force behind the comedy. All the actors playing the Brady family members are absolutely terrific. Jennifer Elise Cox, as middle-child Jan, is definitely my favourite. Due to her extreme jealousy of her older sister, Marcia, she hears voices in her head, as part of a developing schizophrenia. Cox plays the role wonderfully eccentric, damaged, but ultimately goofy. This is female comedy at a very high point. I loved this film as a child, and having revisited it now as an adult, I can appreciate it on a different level.

Dallas S (ca) wrote: Pretty sad story - .......the director encapsulates all the small things about this town and story, poetically & very nicely. It's a slow one, but nicely acted by all the actors, including Liv Tyler who is truly beautiful in this, as is her character. Yeah, it's a bit depressing i feel, and doesn't really come to any conclusion, but it doesn't have to i guess. An easy and nice film to watch.

Becky A (ag) wrote: A classic! Grew up off this movie

Nathan S (gb) wrote: Boring, badly written, poorly made. One of the worst ever made.

Michael L (au) wrote: Top work from Eric Idle, Neil Innes and a cameo laden cast - charting the rise of the pre-fab four from Rutland. A beautiful mirror of the Beatles' documented career, this mockumentary plays as a well worked series of Pythonesque sketches, interviews and magical Beatles parody songs by Innes. Watch for the Tragical Mystery Tour and Mick Jagger: Why did the Rutles split up? (Jagger)"Women, always getting in the way.." and will they ever reform? (Jagger) "I hope not." A Hard Day's Rut, a comedy classic.

Daniel C (ca) wrote: I didn't really get it, but I did like it.

JJ M (de) wrote: Raquel Welch....prrrrr. Donald Pleasance....shudder, as usual (but in a 'I admire his acting' kind of way). It's a good enough film to watch of an evening when you're at nothing else but it's kind of 'fucked-up' so to speak. A lot of nonsense. Inner Space done a better job because it wasn't so serious.

Grant H (ru) wrote: Pretty good movie. Funny, suspenseful, good performances from its cast, especially White. Pretty good backwater Maine Jaws.

Betsy F (ca) wrote: March 2017 - I'm a diehard TWD fan. This is completely different and it's really good. So many metaphors and messages. The ending is a happy one and I feel good.

Henry M (es) wrote: The zodiac killer story is a very fascinating one; however, this movie managed to make it somewhat boring and almost too quiet to be considered a horror movie or anything close. In my opinion it's needlessly long and drawn out, the film has entirely too much dialogue and by the end your eyes have glazed over and you're not even that drawn to the story anymore. Regardless, it certainly does have its thrilling moments and the essence of mystery and suspense cannot be denied.