El florido pensil

El florido pensil

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Nick E (ru) wrote: Beware Of Mr. Bakers inside look at one of rocks most influential drummers never falls into standard documentary tropes, instead it relies on honest accounts that let you judge Ginger Bakers mentality.

Gktu C (ag) wrote: tek kelimeyle harika.. hafif bir meditasyon..

Ari L (it) wrote: I saw this when I was a boy and liked it.

jessie e (jp) wrote: this film is so borin but hey itfeeds my film fing

Chris S (it) wrote: I would like to see a real make! Not animated!

santosh k (ca) wrote: All seconds is very intested in this movie. missed to watch any clip means difficult to understand story. *****

Liam M (de) wrote: It's dumb, brainless fun for sure. But Basket Case holds up I promise, a bloody, stop motion nightmare that delivers frights, laughs and...Easter eggs.

Matt C (ca) wrote: It's never less than engaging even if you're honest it' kind of overblown nonsense. Day Lewis is great but Di Caprio and Diaz peel off the wallpaper with their twee appalling Irish accents. Plus what is it really about? It loses the plot massively in the final third and practically forgets the track of what it was trying to get at to finally limp towards a conclusion. Oooh to be sure, we're Irish and we do love a good fight so we do, odd New York concluding montage which ignores 9/11 as well?

Emma C (it) wrote: Harrowing but really good, if you like this type of thing...which I do :)

Joel H (us) wrote: It's interesting how the protagonist of Raging Bull is almost completely unlikeable, yet you still want him to succeed. Robert De Niro does a great job of losing himself in the character of Jake LaMotta, and this is before Joe Pesci went full Joe Pesci, which is interesting to see. Plus, Martin Scorsese tells the story in a unique and stylized way. This movie may be a bit overrated, but I definitely feel like it should have won the Best Picture in 1980 instead of Ordinary People.

Siddharth B (us) wrote: Great performances and a good script. The ending is a little predictable

Joseph Nephi C (ca) wrote: A quotable, relatable, hilarious classic that demands to be viewed time and time again.