El genio tranquilo

El genio tranquilo

A watchmaker from Soweto finds a shoebox out of which he makes an improvised camera, aligns two lenses, and by looking through them, discovers images from the past. These are from the same places that, 35 years earlier, director Gonzalo Suárez, along with his brother Carlos, made the film Aoom.

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Andy C (fr) wrote: Didnt mind it at all, a little bit cheesey though

Todd H (es) wrote: Soundtrack by Jake Simobukuro. Story about hardships and friendships.

Jose Miguel G (it) wrote: The visuals are the strongest aspect of this flick, but the dull narrative and total miss of Moore's graphic novel essence makes this thriller almost a joker of the character its based on.

Private U (fr) wrote: David Duchovny is not an actor, he is an embarrassment.

Tyler S (kr) wrote: One star for the few nuggets of comedy gold it holds.

James H (mx) wrote: Made for television crap, overacted, completely unconvincing and needlessly melodramatic. poorly written and directed. Cheesy and dumb.

Frederick F (de) wrote: This is where the line is drawn on the Poltergeist Franchise. The third movie, was terrible. But the first two, knocked it out of the ballpark and for me, started and finished the series in a respectable way.