El Gringo

El Gringo

A man crossing into Mexico with a satchel of $2,000,000 – and a bloody past – suddenly finds himself under attack in the sleepy town of El Fronteras.

An American wants to have a new life so he makes a decision to cross the border into Mexico. He realizes his plan to be unrealistic after undergoing hard trials to protect himself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John P (fr) wrote: Saw it on the shelf and told my-self, another karate movie with an actor that has not much to say, and a lot to kick at. What a gem!!!!It is a movie and auto-bio of the very thing that I can not stand from these karate guys, and then POW out of the blue come a real movie....you will love this little flick, it is the top! John

Betsabe A (kr) wrote: Habana Eva o Eva la afortunada? Qui (C)n tuviera su suerte... jejejejeje. Me pareci una pelcula relajada, divertida, con una historia simptica. Las viejitas verdes son muy graciosas. Las actuaciones estuvieron bien. Buena peli en general XD

Eve C (de) wrote: Sylvie Testud est gal elle-mme c'est dire excellente !!!

Martin D (fr) wrote: Two of the screen's most popular comic actors meet in this movie about two men brought together by unexpected circumstances. On the surface, Jack Lawrence (Billy Crystal) and Dale Putley (Robin Williams) wouldn't appear to have much in common. Jack is an efficient, serious-minded lawyer with a successful practice and a beautiful wife, Carrie (Julia-Louis Dreyfus). Dale is a very single performance artist given to dramatic mood swings and extreme overreaction to the sad state of his career. However, 17 years ago both men were involved with the same woman, Collette Andrews (Nastassja Kinski); she later had a son, Scott (Charlie Hofheimer), without being sure if Jack or Dale was actually the father. Collette chose to raise the boy on her own, but when Scott runs away from home and she can't track him down, she calls both Jack and Dale looking for help. It doesn't take long for the two men to discover that they're both looking for the same boy in the same places, and they decide to join forces, though their personalities don't get much more compatible the longer they hunt for Scott. Keep an eye peeled for a brief cameo by Mel Gibson and an appearance by the rock band Sugar Ray, shortly before their commercial breakthrough.

Chris C (fr) wrote: Story about a kid whose mother dies and he feels he has to journey to Spain where his mother grew up. A man offers him a chance to go to Spain if he transports a violin to one of his customers in Portugal. It ends up being a drug deal, and things go terribly wrong.A good film, considering it is foreign and made in 1996.

Sujal S (ru) wrote: I like suspense-ish movies, so this one worked. But I don't recall seeing the culprit before the end, which kinda takes the fun out of it.

Wildaly M (au) wrote: Totally unrealistic. I mean, really? Secretary who happens to know German turned into full-time secret spy in Nazi Germany? I guess if you don't think too much about it, you can enjoy it.

William W (it) wrote: Without a doubt the saddest, most emotionally draining movie I have ever seen. One of James Horner's best scores.

Andy F (mx) wrote: I used to hate this film, but can now tolerate it. If you don't like 9 jokes the 10th will be funny and the film has hundreds of them!

Orlok W (nl) wrote: They wont forget the day Bart Allison came to town--Scott's quest for misguided revenge!!

Surbert M (mx) wrote: I loved It when Michael bay shot a whale at the volcano

Josh L (it) wrote: IMO, the best of Guy Ritchie's movies. It's a crime that so few people have even heard of it...or Toby Kebbell, for that matter.

Debbie (us) wrote: looking for a new copy

Katie H (au) wrote: This movie sucked. and this is from an avid Meryl Streep and Glen Close fan.

Simon D (it) wrote: I've seen quite a few American 70's/80's gangster thrillers that fall into the same mould as Dirty Harry, for example. Well this is clearly the cockney version. It is a who's who of London-based actors from the 80's. It's quite enjoyable star spotting actually; I feel I deserve some sort of prize for spotting Pierce Brosnan, Dexter Fletcher, and Gillian Taylforth. The story is solid enough, the dialogue and language is amusing if you can overlook numerous racist remarks that were all the rage back then.

Ben W (ca) wrote: 4 Dumbass apres teens go into the wilds of new guniea and get what tehy deserve after torturing me for nearly an hour. If I ever met these people I would be tempted to eat them to shut them up.