El hijo del diablo

El hijo del diablo

Masked Avenger (Lone Ranger style) versus smugglers in a small fishing town.

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Keerthana20 A (jp) wrote: A movie which impacts the way we think and stimulates us intellectually. Everything is perfect, the acting, the graphics, the score. Makes you fall in love with cinema and reminds us why we watch movies, to imagine and to believe.

Caterina M (au) wrote: La storia fa acqua da tutte le parti, cosi come il discutibile cast. A suo agio Anil Kapoor, bellissima (purch? resti immobile) Katrina Kaif. A risollevare le sorti, scenografia e colonna sonora, solo per il delirio e lo sfarzo senza regole, questo film merita di essere visto fino in fondo. Per scoprire che non e poi cosi male..

Juan M (gb) wrote: Sabiendo de ante mano que tipo de peliculas se puede esperar de Kusturica, esta no decepciona, la vida, la alegria y el humor que transmite en cada una de sus escenas, la musica como manera absoluta de canalizar absolutamente todo. Una completa obra de arte audiovisual.

Gabriel L (ag) wrote: Good. It's a true story! although that's not actually what makes it great.

Shane P (au) wrote: An incredible example of why we should never underestimate anyone. This documentary is incredible, as was Henry Darger.

(it) wrote: fun and entertaining. the location was beautiful. the story was entertaining

Cedric L (ru) wrote: Well-acted but poorly scripted.

Juli N (nl) wrote: One of my favorite Dustin Hoffman films! And Chief Dan George was absolutely brilliant in this film!

Adrian B (de) wrote: Utterly pointless thriller that lacks severe entertainment value. From what I watched, I think the story revolves around a mad scientist (Bela Lugosi) who tries to make a monster out of a human and fails...enlessly, like the film itself. Unlike "Plan 9 from Outer Space" and "Glen and Glenda," both dreary but unfortunately funny films, "Bride of the Monster" offers little entertainment value. It is so tiresome and talky, and there is no effect, no inadvertant effect that is, as opposed to the other two films. It strays and viewers will be confused to what they just witnessed. Useless film and not worth the watch to see how bad it is because the results are dissapointing. Although, I guess one funny seen(s) is when the lifeless, rubber octopus eats up his victims, but that does not save the movie. On the other hand, if you would like to see some good thrillers from 1955, check out "The Night of the Hunter" and "Kiss Me, Deadly." Their great films. This is NOT!

Stephen Y (ag) wrote: Another signature Wes Anderson piece. Intense internal emotions were elicited without the audience even noticing as the hard-to-swallow topics tackled in the movie were perfectly disguised under the curious and delightful delivery. A wonderful watch whether you want a laugh or want to think for days

Andrew B (nl) wrote: No joke, in the shortlist for top 10, maybe even top 5 favorite movies.

Steven N (jp) wrote: Great movie, though I admit the animation can be clunky at times. The aussie theme gives it a very original spin. Like most kids movies the plot is predictable for older audiences. They did sneak in some jokes for the adults... but some of that I might be misinterpreting from Australian culture; still made me laugh :)