El hombre invisible

El hombre invisible


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Carlos M (ru) wrote: Duro retrato de la realidad que viven los centroamericanos al querer pasar por nuestro pas. Nos quejamos de los gringos pero nosotros somos peores.

King L (gb) wrote: I heard Woody Allen was a big fan of Italian director Federico Fellini which inspired him to make this movie that involves a touch of the absurd. It consists of four separate stories that take place in Rome. The first is about a young American tourist who meets an Italian lawyer and they fall in love and decide to get married. Allen plays the father of the bride who discovers that his daughter's future father-in-law has an excellent singing voice but he can only sing while he is showering. Allen then convinces him to sing on stage but only while he is in a shower. The second story is about an ordinary guy who becomes celebrity for no apparent reason. It seems like a commentary on today's society which seems to idolize celebrities even though they haven't done anything special. A swipe at people like Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian.The third story is stranger, it involves Alec Baldwin playing a architect vacationing in Rome. He decides to take a walk to where he used to live in Rome when he was younger. This is where it gets weird. It's hard to tell what is real or fantasy. He runs into a young man and his girlfriend. It's hard to tell whether Baldwin is reminiscing about his past or it's the present that he's experiencing. The fourth story is about a young couple who are in Rome for their honeymoon. They get separated and get into all kinds of absurd situations.Not one of Allen's better movies but fun to watch.

Matt B (us) wrote: Not nearly as bad as the reviews would suggest, but I realize that's damning this low budget superhero drama with faint praise. Four superheroes, deprived of their superhuman abilities, wake up in a small town packed with explosives by a vengeance minded villain. The ending kind of fizzles, but I was moderately entertained, and I'm glad I watched it.

Adnan A (mx) wrote: The same repetitive message wrapped in a poor story stereotyping Muslims. So the film makes full use of Saif and Kareena's relationship to give them unecessary smooch scenes which are extremely out of place. So basically this movie does not add anything new to the whole war on terror scenario and is a laborious bore. The best thing I can say about this movie is that at least it had better acting than New York, which had the exact same repetitive subject-matter. Overall, avoid!

Will V (au) wrote: Straight to DVD, wal-mart bargin bin garbage. Sloppy b-movie.

Hadi S (ru) wrote: Bringing back the memories of the comic book series, Tintin's plot may be harder to follow for some people, but it's still worth watching.

Tim M (fr) wrote: After a murder, a lawyer and criminals mingle in NYC's Koreatown. A dark and cynical look at the underworld and the "justice" system. I'm a fan of Cho and Grace, but this feels very made-for-TV. Human trafficking for karaoke rooms? Of course! "A well-made, street-stylish drama that defies stock Hollywood storytelling conceits with its complex themes and grey-area approach to its subject matter." -Brian Linder, IGN Movies

Jim H (fr) wrote: Garbage but the the horrifically bad German accents that everyone attempts are worth a few laughs.

Bill R (ru) wrote: This was a strange thinking thriller that won't be for everybody. The story was differant and it was close to a b movie. What I did like about it was the contrast between the two sides of it and the differences and similarities between them. The ending wasn't the greatest but it did make sense.

Justin B (mx) wrote: Kinda wished they'd have jumped from the off. Don't really care for the characters as much as the filmmakers would like you to.

Steve D (mx) wrote: Ok follow-up to the original series. Some nice cameos but missed much of the original cast.

Adam S (es) wrote: Apologies to all the comic book nerds I'm going to enrage here but - this film is worse than Joel Schumacher's famous flop, "Batman & Robin".The young (at the time) unknown cast, including Colin Farrell, put in their all, but it's not enough to make viewers forget that we've seen this "people in the military are dicks" storyline a billion times before. And while I'm sure some of this stuff exists, it is just a Hollywood cliche now. Which is disappointing.In the end, not much more than a snoozefest.

Gavin J (es) wrote: Absolutey astonishing.

Ricardo B (us) wrote: This movie is probably the worst movie ever made. The biggest part of the movie is pointless training sessions, and when you have a ninjas movie with traing sessions you think about incredible stunts and awesome moves that defie the laws of gravity. Not in pocket ninjas, everything in this movie is mad, the actors cant act, the music is lausy, the plot (or the 3 shets with dialougue) are really really bad. I just cant explain how bad this movie is in a simple review, is just to much. GO SEE IT

Bobby L (it) wrote: This is Asylum's rip-off of Emmerich's big-budgeted disaster flick, and it's pretty fun. It focuses on the destruction, and while not having a great budget, there is lots of fun to be had.

Paul J (nl) wrote: Good story about a 700 mile race through the desert n mountains. Gene Hackman is the man

Christopher C (ru) wrote: While the movie is really good and funny, it is too long for this type of movie. As well, there is no antagonist in the movie after Burns departs leaving you with no situation for them to win against.

Mikhail G (br) wrote: One of the most inventive, ahead-of-its-time films ever.

Christian S (mx) wrote: Ce film suspens est sens est une comdie, mais il et plutt ennuyeux avec ses aller et retour sur les mmes actions mais depuis le point de vue de divers personnages.

Raphael H (jp) wrote: It's what more of the good people in this country need to stand up for! Good moral and story...