El hombre y el monstruo

El hombre y el monstruo

A failed pianist sells his soul to the devil in return for his becoming the greatest musician in the world. The catch: every time he plays he turns into a horrible monster.

A failed pianist sells his soul to the devil in return for his becoming the greatest musician in the world. The catch: every time he plays he turns into a horrible monster. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dee R (jp) wrote: love cuba gooding jr., hate this movie...absolutely awful

Nicki M (us) wrote: Quite funny. I enjoyed the series of bad dates he meets through the personals ad. The little trip to Japan in the middle was also a highlight. I loved the four sisters scene. It does turn a little more serious and less funny after this part, but it's entertaining and doesn't wear out it's welcome even though it's over 2 hours long. I have also got part 2 on the HD to watch as both were shown on TV within a week of each other.

Lindsay B (mx) wrote: Really boring, and just plain stupid.

Matt G (it) wrote: I've seen this next-gen Wet-Hot-American-Summer so many times that most of my laughter was premature. Yet somehow, I still find fresh jokes to laugh at even on my umpteenth watch ("I give the old man a week." "That's really insensitive, Mark"). The cartoonish town itself provides a perfect setting and tone for the endless string of hilarious non-sequiturs and characters. The best part is that its layered stupidity is actually covered in brains, never taking the easy joke when a better one is under the surface.

James H (au) wrote: A bit too preachy, the characters lack sunstance and it's a little too spiritual for my taste. Overacted and generally uninteresting.

Rebecca S (ca) wrote: After years of catching snippets of this on TV, I finally sat down and watched the whole thing. Great performances across the board and a nice mix of touching and laugh-out-loud funny.

Benji G (us) wrote: Favourite family movie, good to see what families go through at times.

Maineutral R (ag) wrote: It's not for everyone, that's for sure. The movie is more than a masterpiece, it's a piece of art. Goes as much deeper in the human existence subject as well as offering a more climatic, convincing ending to one of the best animes ever made. While the ending of the series managed to close circles with character Shinji, the rest was left out. How did the Instrumentality happen? What could happen next? What the fuck was happening? All answers are here, in The End of Evangelion. The story centers around an overly depressed Shinji, and how his desires, hatred, and all kinds of emotions ultimately has consequences in what could be the World's End (and with it, our possible rebirth) or the future of humanity. The movie has great animation, amazing visuals, great shots and all kinds of cryptic and symbolical sequences that not every person will understand. That's the issue with many people in this movie, they don't get anything of what's going on. Well, of course you have to watch the entire series to understand and have an eye and mind for symbolism and religion. This movie has many things that make it work: the ambientation gives the feeling that the end is near, and somehow, we are there. And also, we know is coming, it could happen any time, by any cirmustance. The movie has a very climatic, emotional and character circles coming to close scene, were we see all humans dying and transforming into one sole being. The movie is fantastic. The music and songs just fits so perfectly, and the sequences and dialogue are so intriguing that it's impossible to forget this movie. This is a perfect ending for a great anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion; it closes everything and also leaves a huge space for interpretation, such like the final scene: Shinji is alone in a red beach, full of LCL (the human being without soul or form) with Asuka, the girl he constantly pleeded for. Shinji sees a ghostly Rei (like in the first episode of the series) that suddenly dissapears. The he sees Asuka, wounded but apparently fine. And then...he strangles her. This in order to prove "a human emotion", to prove that both are separated from the united existence of the humans (turned into LCL); by Asuka rejecting Shinji, like she always do. However, instead, she caresses his face. The last line is by her words: "How disgusting". And the story of Evangelion ends. Wow, now that's and ending only a true fan could understand and be OK with. A nearly-perfect ending that satysfies. Ultimately the point of this ending is not let the ending as it was written, instead give a solid basis for the fans to create their own conclusions: there's no concrete ending for this story, it depends on the fan, he or she can interpretate it the way they want; if it's a happy ending, a sad one, a mystical one, or every kind of finale you can think, it depends on you. I thought that was very ingenious, that way everyone can have the ending they want. It's confusing, but not for me, i know every scene, every line, leads to the perfect finale of a perfect series. Probably the deepest movie i have watched. What the Fuck did Gendo say before killing Ritsuko? Did the audio cut out?

Jack G (jp) wrote: one of those movies that was recommended to me when I was in college, and I now remember it as I should - a half-baked fever dream.

Sammy M (jp) wrote: A heartfelt, well acted comedy drama from director Paul Weitz. Dano and De niro shine in this 4\5 very good under-rated flick.

Aldo G (mx) wrote: This is one of those quirky scripts that draws fascinating characters and an intriguing storyline. The cast must of trembled with delight when reading through Diablo Cody's first film script about a high school-aged girl facing pregnancy.Even supporting characters with small roles have opportunities to utter great lines:Vanessa Loring: How do I look?Bren: Like a new mom. Scared shitless.It's a feel good movie, that might make you a little nauseous with so much darling dialogue, but the odds are you'll love Juno. I did.

David L (gb) wrote: Sleepy Hollow is a solid, but disappointing movie. It has such a strong visual flair with a great imagery and good atmosphere, the tone is fine and its story is pretty good with some interesting details, but its acting is quite bland, the characters are mostly boring and should have been much better realized and it doesn't really work as a horror film because it makes the fatal mistake of showing the Horseman for way too long, thus effectively removing the suspense.

Joshua F (us) wrote: Crocodile Dundee meets the Texas Chainsaw Massacre