El huésped

El huésped


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:74 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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El huésped torrent reviews

Spencer S (br) wrote: Very funny and shows how balancing friends and a relationship can sometimes be difficult.

Zahid C (us) wrote: Day: Saturday.Date: 14 June 2008Amt: 60/-Time: 9.30 pmOver at: 11.30 pmWith: Ismail, RohanSeat No. AA15 - AA17Theatre: Liberty Pyramid, MumbaiRajeev has chosen a very good movie as his opening. The Direction is superb and concept even better. All Muslims and even other castes should watch this movie an its truly an eye opener.

Steve K (fr) wrote: A little more money behind this movie would have taken it to a whole other level. Now I really need to see the sequel.

Galvy F (gb) wrote: You could have just counted them out, a bunch of nobodies with only a legacy, goal, and memory to carry them forward. Reviving tragedy , reviving a team from the ashes a new age of football continued.

Gustav J (br) wrote: Add a Review (Optional)

h (mx) wrote: literally unwatchable unless you have serious mental issues. It gets 50% for the VHS cover.

Mloy X (ag) wrote: This was really good. Dick Van Dyke was awesome and Mikey Rooney was nearly unrecognizable but wonderful nonetheless. Great story with a good mixture of drama and comedy without being too heavy or silly. Very cool!

David C (nl) wrote: Gonzo noir plotting, but beautifully shot and with the coolest score ever, courtesy of Miles Davis.

Tyson M (kr) wrote: Forever engraved into my childhood

J K (nl) wrote: One of the 2,000+ beach musicals Frankie and Annettte put out during the 60s. As Ive often said, if THIS is what beach life was like during my parents teenage years then I am glad I wasnt around then. Not sure what I found more annoying about these movies, Frankie's helmet hair or the Dick Dale soundtrack. At least when Elvis did one of these he used his own songs. Dick Dale just rehashed the same guitar riff over and over again. It was like a death metal band, minus the death metal.

Terry N (jp) wrote: The content, dialogue and general structure of "Urge" kept it interesting and kept me engaged throughout the film. Although following a typical three-act structure, it still leaves you on edge, unsure of what's to come next. Kaufman and Stahl really do something fresh here. The characters are rather unlikeable and you don't really care about what happens to any of them, but nonetheless this film is still wildly entertaining! If for nothing else than to watch bad things happen to characters you hate!