El indomable

El indomable

Wandering cowboy stops to help a widow out against the man who killed her husband.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1966
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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El indomable torrent reviews

Patricia T (us) wrote: Ggjfhz.zyyeueueuuuuuu

Tiffany R (br) wrote: This was a really good movie and well done. I loved how this ended.

Mubari S (it) wrote: Severely underrated movies.

Jochen W (ru) wrote: Nach Khavns 3 DAYS OF DARKNESS der nchste Film von den Philippinen, der die kinematographischen Mglichkeiten des Dunkels auslotet. Eindrucksvoll dabei die Klarheit von Brillante Mendozas Regie: KINATAY ist von einer Dringlichkeit, die berdeutlich macht, dass er sich weder um Kommerz noch um leicht konsumierbare Arthousegeflligkeiten schert, sondern einzig seiner radikalen knstlerischen Vision verpflichtet ist. Demnchst mal mehr darber.

James M (gb) wrote: A rather enjoyable little film that, though at times very derivative, has style and ideas enough to stand on it's own. Relying on classic tropes and like-able characters (as well as some skilled voice acting), this really should have been a hit. The Animation is at times very well done too.

Donna Gh M (jp) wrote: Hugely enjoyable for a history buff like moi. Maybe a little historically inaccurate for dramatic affect in places.

Brendan N (it) wrote: full of fun characters but no story

Simon V (au) wrote: "Do as little possible you can"... Not pessimism, but a melancholic cynicism, reflected by its music, as if the hero had fallen into a trap, hoping things had changed.

Jake G (nl) wrote: MCQ is John Wayne's god awful, conservative response to Don Siegel's DIRTY HARRY. Even Wayne fans will probably admit that here he looks old, tired, and not in the least bit formidable. Luckily, Wayne didn't go out on this sour note, because this is one helluva forgettable effort. My personal highlight/lowlight of the film was McQ's niece (?), who literally screeches in a gee-whiz, 50's pre-pubescent girl kind of way. It was both hilarious and off-putting, and I'm going to go ahead and call her the worst child actor I've ever seen. Hall of Shame material, for sure. And that was the point I turned off the TV, I'm guessing about an hour in. A real clunker of a film, and my advice is to give MCQ a wide berth.

The B (au) wrote: This was fuckin' stupid!