El jardín secreto

El jardín secreto


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1984
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:letter,   secret,   lesbian,  

A few days ago, Lucia (Assumpta Serna) receives anonymous letters in which he is forced to perform certain actions that she accepts without question. Her current boyfriend, Arthur (Xabier Elorriaga), suspects the mysterious sender can be Lucia's former lover, whose strange death never reached clarified. Now it's time it's Arthur who put the cards on the table to get to the bottom of it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


El jardín secreto torrent reviews

Boston S (jp) wrote: no I can't take it no no noooooooo

iain m (de) wrote: I thought it was great; joyous and funny.

Sameer K (br) wrote: Mildly entertaining, but pretty stupid.

Private U (mx) wrote: This is the worst movie I have ever watched, but it was such train wreck i couldn't look away. The plot had such massive holes and the characters so terribly developed I am truly shocked it was ever produced in the first place. Don't become me and waste brain cells on this movie, sticking your head in a microwave would be better.

Falentina C (ca) wrote: Ahhh.. TotaLLy CUte..COOL.. AFo!

Thomas W (nl) wrote: Class relations in Iran from the vantage point of a melancholy pizza delivery-man.

Dominic P (de) wrote: I haven't seen many of Miike's movies but this was certainly the strangest of the few. Reminded me of Eraserhead and the wickerman a little bit. Having said that, its entirely original and worth a look if you're a fan of those two movies.

Travis B (es) wrote: I watched, or tried to, because I heard how bad it was but I could not even get through it. The humor of how bad and offensive it is wears of in fifteen minutes, and then you just feel embarrassed that you're watching it.

Morgan D (jp) wrote: More like, uh, Fun Killer? Annoying and worthless characters across the board. Humorless. Some scenes had nicely done visuals, but not enough to maintain my interest as I couldn't even finish this movie, and that's pretty rare.

monsieur r (jp) wrote: Time travel movie. Much like Groundhog Day, our lead actress keeps reliving a horrible experience and tries to change things. Bad acting, bad idea. A shotgun toting James Belushi plays a crazy whacko who kills his wife on a trip through the desert. What if you could go back in time to save a life? What if you could avert disaster? Karen Warren finds herself in the middle of an emergency, with the power to turn back the clock and rescue a battered woman. Her car breaks down on a hot Texas afternoon, and Frank, a despicable and lecherous man, gives her a ride. On the way, he begins to fight with his wife. The wife is accidentally killed, and Karen runs in terror from the car and into the United States supercollider laboratory looking for help. Instead, she stumbles onto a scientific experiment and is sent back in time. If you like endless shooting, endless road rage and endless nonsense. Oh, by the way, our psychiatrist lady is a horrible shot. Frank, like some monster, just can't be eliminated. Cast Jesse Borrego James Belushi Kylie Travis Frank Whaley Shannon Whirry M. Emmet Walsh Crew Producer: David Bixler Screenplay: Phillip Badger Co-Producer : Jesse J. Donnelly Production Designer: Philip Duffin Co-Producer : Kelley Feldson-Reynolds Editor: Glenn Garland Screenplay: Michael Hamilton-Wright Producer: Brad Krevoy Executive Producer: Jeffrey D. Ivers Cinematographer: George Mooradian Producer: Michel Nadeau Director: Louis Morneau Composer: Tim Truman Line Producer: Candace Veach Producer: Steve Stabler Screenplay: Robert Strauss (II) Costume Designer: Alexandra Welker

Patrick D (gb) wrote: A beautiful story about friendship and an original perspective into the Holocaust. Fully realized characters and sensitive direction make this one of my all time favorite films.

mike p (de) wrote: A very odd mix of sleaze and camp. It was not what i expected when i first saw this film. I expected more of a straight sleaze film. But the camp adds another dimension to the film making it satand out from other exploitation film of the time. Well made and sick at times.

Private U (gb) wrote: Marlon Brando is Japanese! Plot cute

Nia E (us) wrote: Enjoyable spectacle, but a little thin on interesting plot.

Cali R (ca) wrote: I loved this movie, although Phillip Dorm, should have received higher billing than John Wayne. I stumbled on this movie by accident, my dad was watching it and I started to watch a few minutes of it, and then couldn't leave. It had me gripped, and showed why Joan Crawford was so revered as an actress. The twist in the last few minutes, was one of those hit yourself in the forehead moments, and makes you appreciate the plot of the movie even more. I would like to watch it again, so I can pick up on the clues I missed the first time.

Marta R (it) wrote: I thought this was ok, but messed up that the "hero" suffers no consequences.

Dalton P (mx) wrote: This movie is my inspiration to pursue music. It might not have flashy acting, but it is great everywhere else.

Jairo A (it) wrote: I Am Legend is a really solid from beginning to end. Will Smith gives a really good performance and I like how part of the story is told through flashbacks/memories he has. The "creatures" look creepy and in a hyper human state that, I think, works. The movie also has some tense moments and some parts where you really connect with Will Smith's character. The film's ending is appropriate but I would have liked it to be a little bit longer (maybe show how the cure took effect on some of the entities). This is one of those movies that is hard for me to rate. If you haven't seen this film, you should definitely check it out. I would rate it 3.5/5 OR 7/10. It's one of those that I may rate 8/10 though...perhaps, only time will tell.

Jovi J (jp) wrote: Watched this classic again with the kids. I watched this originally in the movie theaters. Truly a classic and good characters for dreamworks to build on. Nice simple but elegant story plot with comedy all through out.

Kentaro K (au) wrote: "The Anomaly" was an unexpectedly enjoyable mix of two types of movies I like: thought-encouraging, and action that you can actually follow (i.e. not in a blur or in the dark... in fact, they go as far as actually putting it in partial slow motion).The only things I would change are minor... the movie is entertaining, the action is fun, and the plot is worth considering, esp. as we live in an era when law is lawless.The minor things made me curious but they didn't stop me from enjoying it, in the end I was never bored (and I got bored in Terminator 4) and it feels like a longer movie than the stock 90 minutes because of the way the story is told in jumps, with lots of action in each part. Unlike some recent movies, the action doesn't go too long or have too much explosions. In any case, I'm gonna look for more low-rated movies to watch, because for sure, after Prometheus and Terminator 3, I realize that budget isn't everything.