El juego del ahorcado

El juego del ahorcado

A story of a passionate sentimental initiation out of the ordinary; with a crime story and suspects, and two young characters.

A story of a passionate sentimental initiation out of the ordinary; with a crime story and suspects, and two young characters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Victor C (es) wrote: i liked it, not the best of studio ghibli

Ty S (es) wrote: Unwatchable garbage. They botched every "scare" in the 30 minutes we were able to stand.

David L (fr) wrote: Alois Nebel is definitely visually inspired with excellent black and white animation accompanied with such a good atmosphere to it, but the film is never particularly interesting to watch, the characters are forgettable and the plot isn't the greatest. It is well made, but too boring and specific.

Jorge F (ru) wrote: Not funny at all! It's like a joke that's repeated over and over again. Josef, a silly senior, gets from one funny situation to another (hahaha - what did you do this time? Josef, Josef, Josef! - hahaha) and gains the sympathy of everyone he gets in contact with. How cute, boring and hallow-brained. Maybe I can laugh at this, when I'm in my 50s or even older (like most of the viewers in the cinema I've been to)...

Stacey O (ru) wrote: Stephen Dorff and David Boreanaz. Do you need more?

Dave R (it) wrote: Interesting idea but the execution could've been a lot better

bill b (es) wrote: i was expecting more but... at the end is ok. not enough but ok.

Lisa W (mx) wrote: This movie was just all out stupid; no real point to this movie at all.

Laurel S (es) wrote: great movie when i was a kid.

Jason V (kr) wrote: This is a beautifully gloomy adaptation of Thomas Hardy's gloomiest novel. May not be suitable for the deeply depressed.

Justin B (br) wrote: Ambitious for its budget. It's bad but oh so enjoyable.

Karina H (us) wrote: another great movie by Chevy Chase, this movie is sooo funny. I loved the story, and each character, best part of the whole movie, when uncel Jack sucks the blood out of the little vampire.

Jeff V (ca) wrote: A fun little diversion. Psychics conned into a treasure hunt in Ecuador for a legendary Incan 'room of gold'. Competition appears. What they find isn't what they thought it would be. Goldblum is pretty much the same character he always plays, but that's okay. Lauper is quite believable as a flake - who'd have guessed, huh? Falk is way-over-the-top funny as a con man.

D M (au) wrote: A horror/thriller about a tough cop, jailed for finding corruption too high up the power structure, returns not to only get revenge, but to kill for killing's sake. I have no interest in the sequels, but is mildly entertaining, mostly because of Bruce Campbell and some good action sequences.

Justin T (ru) wrote: An interesting tale, undeniably Coen but some of the decisions the characters make are frustrating.

Anthony M (gb) wrote: Bouh que c'est naze...ca n'atteint aucun de ses objectifs et c'est chiant comme la mort...

Jordan A (ru) wrote: Yes this movie is campy but that's what makes it oh so good!! Kurt Russell's performance is flawless and John Carpenter does all of his great artistic traits. 3 out of 5 stars.

Peyton C (au) wrote: As a whole, I think this is on par with John Hughes' teen films. The laughs are constant and it's a believable friendship between all the characters. I especially love Eugene Levy and Seann William Scott's performances.