El largo viaje hacia la ira

El largo viaje hacia la ira


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:26 minutes
  • Release:1969
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:emigration,  

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El largo viaje hacia la ira torrent reviews

Matt C (us) wrote: Just about funny enough although 99% of the best jokes are in the trailer so you could probably just watch that. It's a little desperate to try and seem different which doesn't really work and about 50% of the cast are trying to channel 'The Office' era Ricky Gervais which is a bit annoying. Other than that, a watchable comedy.

Charles T (es) wrote: An American masterpiece. David Oyelowo is breathtaking as MLK, as are several other supporting roles. Well written and succinctly paced. Surprisingly timely too, given the current political climate. Took me two years to get around to seeing this and real glad I finally did - it'll certainly stand the test of time. A

Jake S (de) wrote: I watched this at the same time I was taking my History of the Vietnam War class. The class was much more interesting.

Wes S (mx) wrote: Memento quickly shows off a unique interesting concept- with a unique interesting direction. Telling the story backwards works off pretty well, as the twists come into play smoothly. Unfortunately, the ending is disappointing and lackluster. Despite that, the movie is still worth a check-out.

Thomas S (au) wrote: I never got around to this movie

Cody H (it) wrote: A fun film, not the greatest ever, but with an interesting plot that was fun to watch how it played out. Some of acting was kinda tacky, and it was at times hard to understand what Gaunt was saying. I'm definitely going to read the book now.

James L (kr) wrote: Amazing visuals for a film made over 50 years ago, with a good story about man encroaching nature in an effort to extract oil from the bayou swamps of Louisiana.

Felipe F (au) wrote: Brian De Palma crafts a stylish, ultra-violent depiction of the underworld of drugs on the 80's - with Al Pacino giving one of his most compelling and iconic performances as a drug lord who suffers a major fall from grace.

Gloria L (it) wrote: Americans please watch this film!!!

Lispeth T (us) wrote: This is pretty much the ultimate dance movie. Yes, yes, yes!