El maestro de esgrima

El maestro de esgrima

A fencing master in pre-revolution Spain is hired to teach fencing to teach fencing to a beautiful young woman. Although he has never taught a woman before he is fascinated by her and ...

A fencing master in pre-revolution Spain is hired to teach fencing to teach fencing to a beautiful young woman. Although he has never taught a woman before he is fascinated by her and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karan B (jp) wrote: Definite must watch. Can't wait!

Dylan C (mx) wrote: Original and imaginative, "Eden Log" is a thought provoking film that's only shortcoming is that it fails to answer the questions it asks. Directed by first time director Franck Vestiel and written by him and Pierre Bordage, "Eden Log" is wonderfully directed sci-fi/horror film. It's almost always shot in complete darkness with only flashlights and lightbulbs giving us any idea of what's happening. There is also very little dialogue in this film, which helps create a sense of mystery but it also makes it hard to really understand what's going on. Even I'm not completely sure of what happened, I have some educated guesses but "Eden Log" never makes itself clear. Usually in my movie reviews I give a short summary of the beginning of the film but here, giving anything away about the movie spoils some of the surprise. All I'm going to tell you that it's set in a dystopian future and let you watch the trailer to decide whether or not it's worth watching. However if you do decide to watch it let me recommend you watch it in complete darkness and with some warm clothes on, the opening scene will literally have you shivering.

Dena S (au) wrote: A nice comedy about friendship going down hill because of the biggest day in their lives or what they think is the biggest day.

Rob C (es) wrote: Even though I did like the idea behind this prequel, all the shots were poorly executed. Most early 80's horror had better acting than this. I did read some reviews before watching this, but I needed to see for myself and still kept optimistic about it. I believe in the right hands, this could of been shot a lot better. The kill shots came off like paintball hits. I even noticed one zombie got killed by blood splatter alone. That's some pretty disappointing gore effects. If you're going to make a zombie movie, try and concentrate on the gore and how to deliver it correctly.

Grant W (ca) wrote: Comforting and cozy layers of static and snow tuck you into bed and lull you off to sleep. 'Archangel', liek most Guy Maddin films, gives you a very peaceful, warm feeling of well-being. Expressionist perfection.

Otto L (fr) wrote: Jrkyttvn kovaa Warhol-setti

Flike S (fr) wrote: What I love about this picture is the fact that it was made over forty years ago, and just about all the situations still hold true to our current social scene. A wonderful piece of the Czech New Wave..

Paul D (de) wrote: Teenage action movie that many teenagers will probably find cringeworthy at some point.

Therese O (es) wrote: I loved this. I'm a big Michael Caine fan and I found this to be suspenseful, entertaining, witty and just great!

Boogie B (au) wrote: A christmas movie the family and I enjoy watching every year.

Teddy H (ag) wrote: I Love This Movie. It's my all time favorite.

RJ M (kr) wrote: A blatant Top Gun ripoff, this movie showcases the US Army Apache Helicpoter. Nicolas Cage assumes the Tom Cruise role as the hotshot helicopter pilot training to fly the Apache. Tommy Lee Jones is the token instructor who's seen it all, but remains in awe of the hotshot new pilot. Non-actress Sean Young line reads her way through the useless love interest role, who also just happens to be a helicopter pilot. And you thought the love story in Top Gun was wooden. All of this is moot since the movie serves only to throw the Apache into battle sequences. We get all the training sequences as our "hero" proves his stuff, until the squad is thrown into combat against a drug cartel at the end of the movie. The final battle sequence is fast moving and exciting, and wraps up the movie well. The journey to get there is as cookie cutter as these movies get, and at times you think they are making a parody of this genre. There are a couple of times the movie seems more Hot Shots than Top Gun. Still, as far as 80's action movies go (ok, it was released in 1990, but was MADE in 1989), it's a decent way to kill 90 minutes.