El mar es azul

El mar es azul


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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El mar es azul torrent reviews

Adrian B (es) wrote: Catherine Deneuve plays a more than a middle aged housewife named Suzanne Pujol (she was 67 during the production of this movie) who deals with the problems of her grown-up kids and husband Robert (Fabrice Luchini). Their house is located across the street from her husband's factory, which he owns and manages, and one day, the workers go on strike. He and his colleagues try to intervene, but instead, he gets injured during the riots and it affects his previously diagnosed heart problem, rendering him bedridden. Suzanne, frustrated by him and life in general, seeks comfort from an old flame named Maurice (Gerard Depardieu). They begin where they left off more than three decades before. I thought there were some funny bits, but I was not jumping out of my seat with this movie. I have seen so many better (and funnier) French films and I think this more suitable to woman. It was just somewhat adequate for me.

BOss L (fr) wrote: this is a frecky movi

Eldon M (ru) wrote: That's a good one but it looks like the director missed out on the links of the plot's timeline and what should've been interesting lets the audience a little lost... Besides, the ending was too loose...

Brad M (it) wrote: If you want answers and dialogue this isn't a movie for you. There is plenty of imagery though, very evocative. Don't watch it if you are feeling sleepy though.

Graeme M (ru) wrote: 'This is the kind of movie routinely dismissed as too slow and quiet by those who don't know it is more exciting to listen than to hear.' - Roger Ebert

Peyton C (gb) wrote: Predictable as it may be, the lead is too charming and Jon Voight is spectacular.

Mike O (jp) wrote: Medem begins to find his maturity of style: a poetic use of narrative where the linkages are emotional and metaphorical. Here he explores identity and targets machismo.

Biff L (ag) wrote: Notning bad about a barbarian movie.

Jonathan A (kr) wrote: this star vehicle for Pavarotti is thoroughly lacking in all elements of good film making, except for good aerials (and opera, if you count that as a positive...)

Shawn W (jp) wrote: The moral of this story is if you are a high schooler who gets picked on, instead of giving your lunch money to your antagonizers, pay a tougher guy to beat on your attackers. Could have been better without Ruth Gordon's zany grandmother act.

Gregory W (fr) wrote: good stuff from ole blue eyes

Daniel E (au) wrote: Definitely a kids show and in '62 I was a kid and was spellbound by it all, the magic, the monsters, princess Elaine and the leprechaun in the bottle.

Dorianator F (nl) wrote: Such a beautiful film. Some scenes are confusing, but the music goes together wonderfully with the visuals. It was a masterpiece in animation when it came out and the beauty still holds true.

jay n (gb) wrote: Panarama of a family over many years is not a bad film but certainly not deserving of a Best Picture Oscar.

Leena N (ag) wrote: Good story, good casting, good music.

Eric B (gb) wrote: Walter Matthau as Charley Varrick. I knew him as a grumpy funny old man, but here, he's playing a seasoned bank robber who has no qualms of killing. He's the dirty harry of bank robbers. An entertaining little film from the seventies.

Omar M (mx) wrote: Likeable characters, sharp dialogue and beautiful observations on life make this movie a must see.

Dave C (kr) wrote: Classic Tarantino. Out of order, caricatures, humour, violent. That's Zed.