El pescador de coplas

El pescador de coplas

It is the story of two brothers who have rented a boat to survive. Juan Ramón sings like an angel and an entrepreneur decides to take him to Madrid to succeed.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:1954
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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It is the story of two brothers who have rented a boat to survive. Juan Ramón sings like an angel and an entrepreneur decides to take him to Madrid to succeed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Craig T (gb) wrote: At one laughable point, the lead character announces to an empty room, "I know you were murdered!" and it was if she was speaking directly to my disinterested soul.

Daniel J (au) wrote: Great film about Los ?ngeles Walkouts in the 60s. Very inspiring and iconic.

Geoffrey H (au) wrote: As far as chick flicks go, not bad. The thing that stands out is the great characters who react in their own way, rather than the predictable, buddy comedy sterotype. These characters have depth. Not half bad, but not great.

Piotr J (de) wrote: "Blood has the same volume for everyone. You have no right to take more blood than was taken from you."Two families fight for generation over land, killing each other son's from time to time. One day sequence of events is disturbed, and everything changes, but the price to pay is high...Golden Globe nominated for Best Foreign Language Film.

Kyle K (nl) wrote: by far the worst of the 3. it really just sucked.

Michael R (ru) wrote: Some people might think was a cult classic, but I found it pretty stupid and boring.

Calib M (ru) wrote: Okay, Terms of Endearment won all of the noticeable Oscars for 1983, and since most people will be checking this movie out/ criticising it based on the amount of oscars it won, so will I.Best Picture - I personally dont think this movie deserved to win Best Picture of the year, i dont know what other notable works has been nominated in 1983, but i did not think Terms of Endearment is at all a cinematic achievement, like most Best Picture winners tend to be. Terms of Endearment is entertaining but that's all it is, it isn't bravura filmmaking, it isnt showing us things we haven't ever seen before, it's basically a formula chick flick, only better than the usual garbage that is being produced these last couple of years.Best Screenplay - Here is where the movie's main faults come in, the Screenplay is very bland and uninvolved, the screenplay is neither funny nor emotionally evocative, the characters arent interesting, nor do you feel compassion for them. Except Jack Nicholson's character, who is a clear stand out with a good performance playing a delightful character, the rest of the characters are all pretty much uninteresting, and you dont feel anything for them. The reason for that is the constant jumping forward in time, something like that could make simple story (which Terms for Endearment is) more captivating and interesting to watch, but how it is done here results in the audience being unable to fully connect with the characters, and it skips forward just when it gets interesting and when you want to see more. (Especially in the beginning of the film) Also, the ending was very predictable, the screenwriter wanted to make this film an emotional adventure so he chose the easy way out to just have a main character die in the end, which i was expecting since the story wasn't going anywhere half where through. and there is another problem, a movie like this (a movie that doesnt really have a story/ a structured beginning and end) must be really captivating to work. (structureless/episodic films) Movies like this are difficult to make and succeed at, but it is possible, take La Dolce Vita for instance, that movie doesnt really have a firm story, it doesnt have a perfect beginning, middle and end, but it works because the rest is soo perfect. Unlike La Dolce Vita, Terms of Endearment has no solid clue what it's about, it's just a section of the lives of some people...Best Director - Best Picture and Best Director usually go hand-in-hand for me, i personally thought legend filmmaker Ingmar Bergman should've won Best Director for Fanny Och Alexander.Best Actress, Shirley MacLaine - The character she plays is one-note, she doesnt have a character arc, she doesnt change behavior (at least not that much) which makes her an interesting character to look at. The way she's played by MacLaine really isnt all that great either, in emotional parts she seems vastly mediocre, in more eccentric parts of the film she gives a hammy performance, that comes close to overacting. She was fine, but not all that great, she should've won for The Apartment, where she was much more delightful.Best Actor, Jack Nicholson - Not his best performance but certainly something different, he plays a normal guy, but still shows what Nicholson does best, being sarcastic and funny. His character certainly is a secondary character, he doesnt have much screen time, MacLaine, Daniels and Winger certainly have the most screen time, but whenever Jack is on screen he is, as always, a delight to look at. My favorite scenes from this film are all with Jack on screen.All in all, Terms of Endearment is certainly an above-average chick flick, and a good/entertaining watch for family/ loved ones, but the amount of Oscars it undeservedly won is ridiculous.

Isaac B (br) wrote: Awesome spanish horror film staring Paul Naschy.

Vlad M (fr) wrote: Intense at times and end up having a lot of political subtext, this is great movie about old school radio DJ

Brandon W (gb) wrote: One movie that seemed to be overlooked through my entire childhood. Lots of people my age talk about this movie as one of their nostalgic favourites. I guess I was too busy watching "The Mighty Ducks" non-stop. Anyways, "Mrs. Doubtfire" is a funny movie. A really funny movie. I was smiling the whole time. In my books, when a movie can get me to dance when the characters in the movie are dancing, that's when I know it's a great movie. Good job Robin Williams and Aerosmith. Robin Williams is awesome! From all the voices he does and his witty humour, he's just great. I can't believe I never saw this movie growing up, but I'm glad I did!

Zachary M (mx) wrote: If someone asked you for the definition of a perfect "guy movie" than this would be the first and really only one to show. It packs every bit of a standard action/scifi thriller in, but with lots of comedy bits, memorable lines and characters, and one of the most iconic original monster designs in film history. Nothing truly comes close to being so much fun without being dumb or so much entertainment without being too hammy. If a person loves action movies this must certainly rank up there with the best of them. Proving that while many of these movies are nothing but cheap thrills can themselves be true forms of art.

Nicki M (ca) wrote: I was so bored by this. I made it halfway through by stopping it every few minutes to look at my iPhone. That's how much it couldn't hold my attention. Yuck to bull riding. And the same old Nicholas Sparks crap. I think I've liked one of his stories and have seen most.