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Private U (de) wrote: Rutger Hauer proves being an older actor doesnt mean you can't be badass. This movie is so messed up but is brilliant in execution.

Margarita S (br) wrote: This is a movie rooted in excellent performances, subtle visual metaphors and a lovely soundtrack. So worth seeing for all of these reasons. It's also depressing as bleep, so be sure to be prepared to feel like crap after watching it, especially armed with the knowledge that it's based on a true story.

Jaye L (kr) wrote: I spent a month in Blythe. Yeah! I would like to see this film!

Heath T (mx) wrote: This film has a stellar cast who, unfortunately, cannot save this film. It is overly-ambitious and poorly-executed. The connected story lines cannot individually stand on their own, so I lost interest in the film overall. I was also completely disgusted by the character of Frank Mackey, which actually ruined the entire film for me.

Jessica B (nl) wrote: Always have to watch this on a rainy day. The songs are fun, the people are fun, everything is fun. Just something to watch when you don't want something heavy; it's like going to a party instead. Sometimes you just want to relax and let your mind go!

Kristin L (ru) wrote: Kan'ke no' for det, men jeg elsker deprimerende finsk fjernsynsteater. Med en forsiktig optimisme. Savner litt flelser og innlevelse, men da hadde det jo ikke vrr Aki Kaurismki.... Livet er som drivende skyer; uforutsigbart, og man vet ikke helt hvor det brer hen... Men man m ta noen sjanser i livet!

Mad M (mx) wrote: Glimmers of something great, but most of it lacks effect.

Jonathan H (mx) wrote: Shadows and Fog, Woody's love letter to German Expressionism, boasts some cleverly detailed mise-en-scenes and 20s inspired shot scales, but it's little more than a replication.

Seanser S (ag) wrote: First class film from one of the great modern directors.

Katrina L (us) wrote: ...rather disappointing if you know the book but I loved couple scenes

Gerard A (br) wrote: The Eyes of Laura Mars begins with a god-awful Barbara Streisand theme song that will make you reach instantly for either the mute button or the fast-forward (or in cases of extreme Streisanditis - the eject button). If you can get past that however...Faye Dunaway & Tommy Lee Jones star in this 1978 murder mystery with psychic overtones. When successful but controversial fashion photographer Laura Mars (Dunaway) starts experiencing visions of her friends' murders - she faces a race against time to identify the killer before they can strike again. Mars' visions are shown through the eyes of the murderer - with every victim bringing death closer to her. To the vulnerable Mars' aid comes detective John Neville (Jones). Neville acts as both protector and investigator trying to unravel the mystery of this psychically-linked assailant before Mars becomes the victim.With a screenplay by John Carpenter and featuring some decent actors - The Eyes Laura Mars has some good ingredients. 1970s NY has a certain disco-flair coupled with the still relevant satire on violence to sell products (Mars' photo-gimmick). The soundtrack keeps things tense (save for the aforementioned ear-bleedingly bad title and credit Streisandfest), the good supporting cast of Brad Dourif, Raul Julia and Rene Auberjonois go a long way to make up for some of the other shortcomings. Unfortunately, Faye Dunaway is occasionally OTT in her manic grief, and there's a cheesy/unrealistic romantic subplot to offset the creepy and suspicious vibe the movie tries to create. It's solidly directed by Irvin Kershner (The Empire Strikes Back, Robocop 2), and of the leads at least Tommy Lee-Jones puts on a good show as the determined detective Neville.The movie does a decent job of keeping us guessing, even if the murders punctuating the movie are short and unspectacular affairs (hearkening back to the first-person voyeurism of Carpenter's Halloween). Despite being made in the 70s there are still some fresh things here. The fashion photo shoots (particularly the location ones) are very well done, while the plot is clearly influential on a lot of other murderer/psychic vision movies down the years (even if it may not seem so original by today's standards). It must also get an extra half-star for Auberjonois' Lloyd Bridges impression ;)The Eyes Have it (but only just).

Ugly T (kr) wrote: simply one of the best sci-fi of the 60s and...

Brenton M (ru) wrote: A Fairie with a broken heart tho never had love. Set in the first count of the Era of ages of dark, when Entities of Worship were Pharaohs.. She sets about finding a Scorpio Warlord to aid her Faire's right to war over such heart break. The Danu whisper high affirmations in absence from the Either. A high lieutenant of the tribe of Vikings forks at Fair/Pride.?

Jayakrishnan R (br) wrote: 87%Watched this on 19/1/16This is the only sports film (except The Color of Money) that I have seen which does not have a feel good nature. Oliver Stone directs with his trademark hyperkinetic style and captures the game of rugby from all possible angles and what makes it so interesting is the ambiguous nature of all characters where you cannot actually predict their fates which is extremely unlikely for a sports film. The characters are so well drawn and actors Pacino, Jamie Fox, Cameron Diaz etc etc give top notch performances along with Stone's, magnificent direction makes this a memorable ride. This is one of the rare sports films where the scenes without any sport are more interesting than the game in the film. The film's ending is also stylish and rather surprising. However, Stone at times overdoes his work by letting too much footage into his scenes, especially in the scene where Ben-Hur is used.

Adam P (au) wrote: Absolutely amazing. David Tennant is a revelation in the lead, and the rest of the brilliant Royal Shakespeare Company breathe new life into the script's genius with their naturalistic and human delivery. Cleverly recontextualizing the play in an exciting and palpable contemporary setting, this is the definitive modern version of Hamlet.

Mitchell V (jp) wrote: An instant classic that will go down as one f the greatest sports movies of all time!

Harry W (us) wrote: A cult film if I ever saw one. Natural Born Killers is the Rocky Horror Picture Show of crime films and its surprising how many bad reviews it has. The artsy nonsense of the film often drowns the actual plot which is frustrating for a mainstream audience and I didn't expect the film to be so art-house in its approach to two road trip serial killers. It also wasn't as bloody as I'd heard it was. The acting from Juliette Lewis, Robert Downey Jr. and Woody Harrelson is extremely committed and believable. The film is let down by its second half which is no where near as captivating or interesting as the first but I think that this is purposely done to (spoiler alert) show the contrast between the hallucinatory romance of the road and the gloomy insides of a high security prison. The music is really amazing as well and the script is gorgeously written.

Shane J (ca) wrote: for a direct to dvd action you can go much better than this,sure the badguys can't seem to shoot for shit but it does have some decent fight scenes and a interesting plot. Gooding jnr is the lead but lundgren completly steals the film seeming to have a blast in his role. the inevitable fight between the two is well done as well.

Brad S (nl) wrote: I hadn't seen this one in years, but it help up really well. The leads are good and the story moves along nicely. Was also cool seeing earlier roles for Jeffrey Tambor and Phillip Baker Hall. Check it out!

Ola G (us) wrote: Set in a strict elite British boarding school in the 1930s, the story centers on a clique of girls who idolize their enigmatic and complex teacher Miss G (Eva Green). Di Radfield (Juno Temple) has a crush on Miss G, and is the firm favourite and ringleader of her group. When a beautiful Spanish girl named Fiamma Coronna (Maria Valverde) arrives at the school, Miss G's focus is shifted away from the other girls. It becomes a triangle: Miss G gets increasingly obsessed with Fiamma, Fiamma is disturbed by Miss G and also openly disgusted by the teacher's hypocrisies and deceptions, while Di is terribly jealous and makes Fiamma's life hell. The triangle eventually leads to tragic consequences...The focus in "Cracks" is desire and what you are willing to do for that desire. But theres also topics such as loneliness, jealousy, isolation, bullying, innocence, sexuality, group pressure, complexity and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Been fascinated by Eva Green since "Kingdom Of Heaven" and "Casino Royale". Those dark eyes, pale skin and freckled appearance are heavenly. However, her performance as Miss G ends up in the overacting list for me and I simply felt she was over the top in a way that you just couldt really believe her character. I reckon she tried hard to become Miss G with all her obsessive-compulsive disorders and disintegrated personality, however the end result is not convincing me. I particularly dont like Juno Temple, I cant put my finger on it, but she just doesnt do it for me. I reckon I was hoping for a female "Dead Poets Society" and in one way it is, but the dramatisation and acting (way too theatrical) is simply not strong enough in my book. Its nicely shot and edited, but thats really not enough. "Cracks" is a bit of a disappointment.