El regreso

El regreso


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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El regreso torrent reviews

John Joseph M (br) wrote: Crack open a beer and see it with a crowd. You'll get it or you'll hate it. Discopath is ridiculously good fun and bursting with talent.

Amnat Y (us) wrote: This is great movie ??????????????????????????????

Trent W (br) wrote: Better than I thought it would be but it still falls short. The story and acting aren't anything special but I thought it was pretty good visually.

Venkata Subrahmanyam T (de) wrote: The Best Movie Ever. Heart Touching

Andrew L (br) wrote: Forgot this film was ever made.

Mark W (ru) wrote: Nice to see Skeet Ulrich take centre stage of a film... This was an alright comedy/action/thriller movie. The idea of keeping a bomb cool in an ice cream truck is really an odd thing to base a movie on, but I was surprised to find it did work. Not a bad little movie, with some good acting... The inevitable contrast between the two central character was bound to be an area to keep you interested in the film though... It did work.

John T (us) wrote: Cameron Diaz gets caught cheating. The ending is what did it for me. It's a crazy crazy "rat trap game" like series of events.

Quentin L (us) wrote: Great trailer, very funny

Terminator 8 (es) wrote: It's... the worst of the series!

Rob C (br) wrote: On Halloween, a group of teenagers take a hayride into the countryside for a little party of their own, when they are attacked by Flesheater (S. William Hinzman), a zombie that was uncovered by a local farmer. Soon the epidemic spreads to a small town, unleashing a night of hellish attacks that take hold of the population. Flesheater (Zombie Nosh) plays like an elementary Night of the Living Dead, with it's forced acting and dodgy cinematography. Most of the dialogue sounds like it was recorded in a small room without a hint of concentration. It felt like they were reading off score cards. On top of that, I had to mute the volume whenever one of the females got attacked. It was highly annoying whenever they screamed; I couldn't wait for them to be killed off. The gore, however, was pretty nice with some choice cuts coming from Flesheater whenever he attacked one of the many nude girls in the film. I know the film is not related to Night of the Living Dead, but I can't help but feel like Flesheater (Zombie Nosh) was a demo to the classic. But, the film holds it's own and is worth a viewing for zombie enthusiasts.

Sheppard S (nl) wrote: Two reasons to see this movie: Raquel of course, and Strother Martin. The man had so much natural presence on camera. The exotic locations are good. The action is great. Hannie gets her wish toward the end. Good film.

Liy D (it) wrote: A good quirky movie about a smart mouthed ghost.

Stephen S (es) wrote: Wasn't interested in this at first, but then I discovered that this was a remake of the classic Christmas movie Little Shop ion the Corner, so I decided to give it a shot. I'm so glad that I did. I absolutely loved this film...the story was great, the acting was fantastic, and it was actually pretty funny. I highly recommend this film.