El robobo de la jojoya

El robobo de la jojoya

Two brothers plan to steal the precious jewel of Nefertiti's eye in a famous exhibition hall, but they are not the only ones who want it. There is a scuffle in which a policeman dies and one of the robbers falls on the dead man.

Two brothers plan the robbery of a famous jewel, the eye of Nefertiti. But a policewoman and other guy want the gem as well and they coincide during the robbery. The bad guys kill a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James O (br) wrote: Emotionally affecting. Brilliant performances from both Jordan and Diaz. Very deserving of the critical praise it's received.

Misty S (it) wrote: Good but not a repeat watch.

Brett H (ag) wrote: Serenity is the big-screen continuation of Joss Whedon's cult-hit television series, Firefly, which was cancelled after only one season and left a lot of pissed-off fans craving more; he was then given the chance to craft a proper conclusion to the story and man did he deliver! This movie is an absolute blast with an awesome cast, exhilarating action, and flawless dialogue that only Joss Whedon and these actors could perform! The film picks up some time after the end of the series, but thankfully the entire cast returns and with an outstanding opening tracking shot through the ship, Serenity, we're reminded why we fell in love with these characters in the first place. Nathan Fillion hasn't missed a beat and steps back into the role of Malcolm Reynolds with ease, still wise-cracking and bad-ass as ever. The remaining cast all bring their colorful characters to life with personal favourites like Alan Tudyk, Gina Torres, and Adam Baldwin as Wash, Zo and Jayne respectively stealing every scene they're in! The only new additions to the cast are a hacker named Mr. Universe played by David Krumholtz and a methodical assassin played brilliantly by Chiwetel Ejiofor adding a different spin to what could have been a cliched character. The plot carries over from the TV show, with the Alliance still tracking River Tam; now sending the aforementioned assassin after her, due to knowledge she possesses regarding the Alliance's dirty secrets. The film gets to expand on Whedon's original ideas, including finally seeing the deadly Reavers and all of their gruesome capabilities which was a HUGE mystery in the show and takes advantage of higher production values to make an engrossing, and memorable world the characters inhabit! It's a bit darker than the series, having much higher stakes than ever before, but with Whedon's clever writing, the film has many moments of levity to break up the gloom that don't feel at all forced. I don't think it's 100% required to watch all of Firefly beforehand, but if you do, the reward will be that much greater and you'll feel it more when we have to say goodbye to these characters one more time!

Eugnio L (kr) wrote: very entertaining....

James U (mx) wrote: I don't know why but this movie has always been a favorite of mine because its characters are interesting and the story is constantly changing. I particularly like seeing Jackson as a Drill Sergeant and Travolta as a Ranger investigator, the other characters work but these two of course steal the show. It's not the best movie in the world but it works well enough with its twists to keep me watching.

Don S (kr) wrote: I really like this one! Arkin and Lyonne are fantastic in their roles! And the rest of the cast shines too! Love the scene with the sanitary belt! And the gibberish language between Vivian and Rita is super cool too! Bravo!

Steven D (au) wrote: This movie was extremely funny!!

Brad S (mx) wrote: Saw this in the theatre as a kid and wanted to revisit it. It's an amusing family film, Kevin Peter Hall("Predator") really adds some humanity to "Harry". The film also features some great character actors such as John Lithgow, David Suchet, M. Emmet Walsh, and Don Ameche. Worth a watch for families.

Jeffrey N (nl) wrote: While strange to watch such choppy dialogue and overdramatic acting from the cast of John Wayne, Kim Darby and newcomer Glenn Campbell, it is a sign of the times. A classic that is probably the most violent G rated movie ever, but adorable, humorous and adventurous all at the same time in the vein of Indiana Jones. I'm curious to see the difference in the new version by the Coen Brothers, which is supposed to be more faithful to the book.

Rebecca M (br) wrote: funny....i think this is the one i watch when i was a kid, but i'm not sure

Luis C (mx) wrote: Traz uma histria batida, mas passa uma boa mensagem e Poitier est timo no papel principal.

Lauren P (gb) wrote: I love Ryan Reynolds! and this movie was very good. . . cute!

Justin D (nl) wrote: Is my favorite look to Herbie of all four films, but I love all of them. 32