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Joe M (es) wrote: Designed to invoke an emotional response, this film is chock full of inaccuracies and one-sidedness. From the first fifteen minutes, you hear people telling stories about bad things fracking has caused but they never show any actual proof. I encourage you to watch this film (despite the breathy narration that gets old fast) and then check out other sources and films like FrackNation for the other side of the story.

Arthur M (de) wrote: Science fiction cannot survive under modest, unpretentious and lazy premises; this is simply something that I do not stand in this genre. Even when put aside all the budget limitations, the mediocre cast, the poorly staged set and scenarios destroying a possible atmospheric satisfaction, what really upsets is the fact that [i]Absolon[/i] was not produced, written, directed or acted with any kind of interest or a minimum enthusiasm. Other miserable cyberpunks such as [i]Hardware[/i] and [i]Tank Girl[/i] presented a lot more worth of praise with an even minor cost. So it is sort of inexcusable that this particular attempt was such a disaster, even among tolerant sci-fi aficionados such as me. The plot could not be more formulaic and simple to follow; all that David Barto and Christopher Lambert should have done is abstain from being dull, and the movie would fall into the fair oblivion of average low-budget sci-fi (which was probably the main objective of the enterprise). However, the short supply of involvement transpired by the crew was so painfully lucid that even the lowest standards shattered. Partial nudity of Kelly Brook and the brief but entertaining participation of Ron Perlman score some pitiable positive points, though not enough to indulge even the most malleable crowd.

Angadvir S (gb) wrote: i don't know why some people didn't like this...mischa barton is an amazing actress...and was even when she was 10 years old...i liked the movie...a lot...

Camille L (nl) wrote: Faire un thriller o on fait s'affronter un Johnny Depp sobre et un Christopher Walken survolt et omniprsent, c'est une bonne ide. Le faire se drouler en temps rel encore mieux. Encore fallait-il crire un scnario comptent et une intrigue intressante. Malheureusement, dans ce Nick of Time, on s'ennuie beaucoup plus qu'on ne compatit pour Depp, coinc dans une conspiration politique incomprhensible dont on se fout totalement. John Badham sait orchestrer de bonnes scnes d'action. Mais elles ne sont que trop peu dans un ocan de mdiocrit absolument indigne de sa magnifique photographie, trs proche de celle de Pitch Black (c'est dire le niveau stellaire). Particulirement rageant.

Francisco F (it) wrote: Yves, Michel, Gerard et les autres : la creme des acteurs franais des annees 70.

Private U (us) wrote: I made it through this film but was not really impressed. The pace was slow and the dialogue only slightly above average. The climax of the film was less than satisfying. I did find some of the historical aspects and cliches used interesting...The copious amounts of cigarettes smoked and the close ties between the police and the media were the parts that fascinated me the most. It was a lightweight experience...by no means a waste but, by no means memorable.

David M (ru) wrote: Creepy, effective Hammer film, although the gratuitous nudity shtick grows tiresome in a big hurry. Ingrid Britt does a very convincing job as the sadistic Countess.

Orlok W (ru) wrote: Stunning acting, a whiplash of a story, gritty and sublime--Don't see this film on a bad day!!

Leonard D (jp) wrote: Gollum stole the show, and the film should've won best picture, but I kinda understand why it didn't! One gripe I have, however, is having the character Faramir nearly giving into the rings power. After that, making him take Frodo, Sam, and Gollum to Osgiliath, which was not in the book. As far as I'm concerned, the writers should have kept them in Ithilien, as was written in the original story! But still, this is a timeless sequel!