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Maksim B (au) wrote: A spectacularly captivating crime thriller, the fact-based The Infiltrator success to overcome the clich of its genre and the predictability of the story in order to become almost a flawless movie, accompanied by formidable acting and restrained, but completely convincing violence. Suspenseful and down-to-earth, this delivery does not try to be original or mainstream, which turns it into one of the best B-movies of 2016 and surely one to be highly recommended. Based on the true events revealing how Agent Robert Mazur (Bryan Cranston) infiltrated Pablo Escobar's cartel in the middle of the 80s, Brad Furman's crime drama offers a story which is highly predictable and some might even consider it clichd. What saves it from being one of the countless similar movies, and what actually turns into a hidden gem, is the blend of outstanding acting, simplicity, solid directing and crafted realism. The infiltrator never focuses on the hype part of the story (as some recently released series with similar theme did). It delves deep, just as its main character, in the lives, the habits and thinking of the people from the high levels of the cartel. The connection built between Cranston and his undercover wife Katy (Diane Kruger) with the Alcaino family (Benjamin Bratt and Elena Anaya) is convincing and one of the charms of the story as it shows lives from the other side of the barricade. The ability of director Brad Furman to let the quartet of actors interact, almost naturally, is one of the biggest assets of The Infiltrator. Cranston and Bratt have an undeniable chemistry and both shine on the screen in their own way in this slick, but simple crime thriller. The more Cranston digs deeper, the more intriguing it becomes to enter the slick world of cartels, money-laundering and high-profile banking. Despite the certain level of predictability, the convincingly told story and acting make you feel as if you do not want to get out of this world by the time the final credits arrive. When the credits are gone, you will still be thinking about the facts, what it took Agent Robert Mazur to do this undercover operation and in the end you might even check on the internet for more facts about this story. In conclusion, The Infiltrator is one of the top-notch B-movie deliveries of 2016. Captivating, smoothly crafted and realistic, it delivers a formidable cinematographic enjoyment for grown-ups.

Heather M (kr) wrote: Unnecessarily vicious with a weak open ended conclusion.

Daniel H (es) wrote: Call it part reality suspense movie and a documentary, an interesting and unique look at the Suicide Girls as they go off to the woods in Maine to do a photo shoot. Trouble is, the girls suddenly start disappearing. Yet the girl in charge of the calendar, Amina, is too focused on getting the job done to think about them. Tensions mount amid some sexy photo sessions.This is clearly not for mainstream tastes, but for those who want something out of the banal and ordinary, check it out.

Mariah M (fr) wrote: this movie looks so fricking awesome! i want to see it sooooo bad!! muhahahahahah

Zik J (jp) wrote: I liked the retelling of the story of Jacob, and the script followed the Biblical account very closely. Lara Flynn Boyle and Matthew Modine looked great. After finding "Moses" from the same series, now I'm trying to watch all of the Bible Collection films in order.

David C (mx) wrote: One of the funniest movies EVER. See it -- before you die.

Brian P (kr) wrote: didnt like this one.........

Chip H (it) wrote: Wow, a cold fish of a movie, but compelling to watch nonetheless.

Erita W (kr) wrote: Rock Hudson - what else can I say? ;)

Chelsea M (fr) wrote: I have a beautiful piece of music called None but the lonely heart by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky....I wonder if this piece is in the movie...I'd love to see it...

Sarah B (ru) wrote: A Knight kissing a princess' hand is a waste of time for a princess bride rip-off movie from disney, unless Dokinchan wants to see it!

Tom H (it) wrote: fun monster movie! Larry Cohen should have done a lot more horror movies back in the day, as he clearly are a master of his craft!

Greg W (ru) wrote: fine adult drama along t5he lines of 'Away from her"

Vanessa W (it) wrote: Not sure why the bad reviews...a bit slow, but enjoyable & thought-provoking.