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Lucie F (gb) wrote: Ainda prefiro Take Him To The Greek, mas engraado.

Derek W (ru) wrote: A sobering emotional tour de force with committed performances from leads Gosling and Epps.

Johanna K (us) wrote: ZERO stars. A total f*cking disaster! YUCK!

Jamie D (gb) wrote: Good movie, has good music, and a good story.

mike p (ag) wrote: Heres a great B-movie. Michael Landon's got anger problems and with the help of a mad doctor his situation doesnt get better. Teenage Werewolf is a classic and a must see for fans of 50's horror and sci-fi

Panta O (br) wrote: If you are a fan of teen comedies, you should like this fresh approach to this genre of the director Chris Nelson and writer Alan Yang. Starring Nicholas Braun, Hunter Cope, Dakota Johnson, and Zach Cregger, it was originally titled Gay Dude, but the name was changed for better marketing.For me was nothing special, but I can see that lots of teens would love it with a reason - completely different than most of the teen comedies recently, but still enough clichs to compare! The story of two best friends starts in their primary school... and moves to the time when Matty and Michael are still two best friends and virgins who vow to each other they will have sex before their senior prom. However, Matty tells Michael that he is gay, changing their quest... and putting lots of pressure on the friendship.On a budget under $2 million they could not go wrong and the producers will definitely get their money back. But, I really would not recommend this to anyone whose hormones are not raging at the moment. It had fun moments, not bad camera work, excellent editing but I will question the casting decisions!

Jason P (ru) wrote: My rating may not be entirely fair, but I did see this immediately following Bad Ronald (at the Dryden) which was a much better overall viewing experience. This version is still way better than the remake. There were a couple genuine scares. Okay, maybe just one. Also, the story works better with the wife seeing the creatures than a kid. There's more social commentary that way.

Scott M (br) wrote: so much gun fun, oh and a machete

Li G (de) wrote: Good, but a bit depressing!