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El último justo

A religious thriller that centers on a theory: 30 people have been chosen by God to maintain the balance of world as we know it. These "Chosen Ones" have been methodically exterminated throughout history and it is now time to take out the last of the them.

A religious thriller that centers on a theory: 30 people have been chosen by God to maintain the balance of world as we know it. These "Chosen Ones" have been methodically exterminated throughout history and it is now time to take out the last of the them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick L (de) wrote: "Imperium is tough to watch or comprehend but it is compelling and watchable thanks to an ingenious script and terrific performances from Daniel Radcliffe and Toni Collette."DVD Movie Review: ImperiumDate Viewed: October 10 2016Directed By Daniel RagussisWritten By Daniel Ragussis, Story By Michael GermanStarring: Daniel Radcliffe, Toni Collette, Tracy Letts, Sam Trammell, Nestor Carbonell, Devin Druid, Pawel Szajda, Chris Sullivan, Jason Finney, Burn Gorman and Seth Numrich.I always thought Daniel Radcliffe would move on after the "Harry Potter" series but boy he really has. He is finally turning into a serious actor. Want evidence? See him in the new thriller "Imperium" and see for yourself because it is an amazing piece of acting. He puts on an American accent to play an undercover FBI agent who infiltrates a white supremacist terrorist group. We finally get to see what the "White Power" world looks like, Okay! There was "Green Room" from earlier this year but it never dug up into the world of white supremacy.It devolves into the dark underworld which is stirring up again thanks to Donald Trump's presidential campaign and it has a gripping performance in Radcliffe. The plot revolves around an idealistic FBI agent named Nate Foster (Radcliffe), his job is to work undercover and foil secret terrorist plots. One day, he gets recruited by fellow agent, Angela Zamparo (Toni Collette) and she suspects that a white supremacist group in Washington, D.C. is plotting a major bomb attack.Nate agrees to go on this assignment which he knows will be dangerous and he gets acquainted by a small group of skinheads led by Vince Sargent (Pawel Szajda). They are controlled by their ring-leader conservative talk radio host Dallas Wolf (Tracy Letts), who is the prime suspect in the case. Nate introduces himself as an Iraq war veteran who doesn't understand why the U.S. went over there in the first place and saw some horrifying things he will never forget.After being scarred by the war, he became reborn as a white supremacist and wishes to join Sargent's group. The skinheads are immediately pleased with him and they take him to meet with their group leaders including Andrew Blackwell (Chris Sullivan) who's the leader of a white supremacist militia. Foster also befriends a white collar family man named Gerry Conway (Sam Trammell).Foster also has to endure tough undercover work some of which involves attending a "White Power" parade and getting involved in an altercation with an interracial couple. Inspired by real events, "Imperium" is tough to watch or comprehend but it is compelling and watchable thanks to an ingenious script and terrific performances from Daniel Radcliffe and Toni Collette. Radcliffe's performance is so good because we feel a lot of intensity and unsettling nerve to his character as he goes through his undercover work.White supremacy is a troubling theme to talk about especially during this awful election cycle but "Imperium" steps through the cracks as an effectively disturbing thriller.

KJ H (br) wrote: The best part of this film is a interview w/Serena on the amount of children Richard Williams has. The rest is conventional but still entertaining and interesting. A little more insight on the sisters and their challenges.

Scottie T (au) wrote: this was actually so surprising, i was going into this, looking for a comedy, and the movie ended and it was a dark comedy, relatable, smart and dramatic. and i really enjoyed it, im surprised audiences really didnt enjoy it, other than critics. but this was an extremely well done movie and it really impressed me, i think it is probably one of the best movies of 2010 and i love the whole cast, it was casted perfectly! go give it a shot, DO IT!

Robert H (fr) wrote: bwahahaha! Absolutely crazy take on the Spider-man story. The story is so absurd I kinda wish the film had more camp and elements of funny in it but the great fight sequences make up for it. In fact, seeing a dude on fire fighting instead of wiggling around in pain was pure awesome. This is one of those films that should never be watched dubbed. The dubbing is soooo bad it actually made me laugh at times. Definately worth a rental at the very least if you think martial arts and superheroes would make a good combination.

Eachan H (it) wrote: Good to see Jesse Spencer (pre-House). Really shows he can act in this one!

Lyndall B (mx) wrote: The animation was absolutely beautiful- a pleasure to see. Where the story is concerned, I think the cat stole the show.

Branden W (ru) wrote: If you're interested in the rollercoaster of a relationship set forth between French poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine, then this film is nothing short of phantastickal. Arthur Rimbaud, the young poet who believed in "experiencing all love and madness and suffering in a life which was beyond rules" and the older Paul Verlaine, had both a platonic and sexual relationship filled with frenzy, madness, and a motto to 'break all rules'. DiCaprio (in what is in my opinion, the best role of his career!) as a young Rimbaud is dazzling, and life in the French absinthe cafs is portrayed rather well in this underrated depiction of two incredibly significant writers and decadents of France.

Adam R (ru) wrote: Plenty of fun! This sequel kicks butt. (First and only full viewing - Summer 2008)

Xanda T (mx) wrote: This is my generation of Hip-Hop right here..

Arash B (es) wrote: Succeedes where a film like Dancer In the Dark fails miserably, it gives a fair, realistic & relentless portrayal of a man's downfall, Evil is everywhere & yes when you're falling no dream or illusion will save you

Keiko N (us) wrote: Stewart and Hudson in the same movie, swoon. And it's good.

Brandon R (jp) wrote: I've been dreading this moment since my very first review in the series and, now that we're almost at the end of the journey, I find myself reflecting on how far we've come. Friday the 13th, an unlikely success which began with exaggerated, low-budget gore somehow led to the creation of Freddy vs. Jason, a bloated, contrived, money-making powerhouse which assaults the intellect of anyone who watches it. To say that this film is idiotic doesn't even scratch the surface of insults I wish to hurl at it. Freddy vs. Jason fulfills the asinine promise of Jason Goes to Hell's closing shot and does indeed pit the two slasher icons against one other in an overlong, Mortal Kombat-esque fight sequence. Leading up to this climax we are treated to over an hour of trite, exposition-laden dialogue, flat characters, sorry acting performances, easy explanations, gratuitous thunderstorms, poor continuity, rock & roll editing, and maybe the worst screenplay I've ever seen brought to life in a major studio production. This film abandons all the camp and tongue-in-cheek fun which highlighted the best films of each series and instead delivers us a humorless, self-important mess which should disappoint fans of both franchises. It's obvious that director Ronny Yu had little familiarity with these characters or the films which made them famous. He does a good job reimagining origin stories for each but neither character behaves as fans have come to expect. Kane Hodder's subtle but specific catalog of movements is abandoned (as was Hodder himself) for a bland, overly-aggressive Jason facsimile. Robert England returns as Freddy but the script does't give him much to work with and his twisted enthusiasm is massively underutilized. The only reason this movie exists is to satisfy fans who, for some reason, were dying to see these two characters on screen together. Since both franchises were now owned by New Line Cinema why not give it a try right? Well, there's a reason this project was in studio limbo for almost a decade: it's a BAD idea. The whole production is set up to show Jason and Freddy fighting so the movie is merely a vehicle to get the audience to that point. This means that all other characters and plot points are irrelevant, they exist only to move the picture along. This resulted in horrible writing in all aspects of the film and characters so poorly conceived that I could hardly watch their sad masquerade without a drink in hand. There are many more criticisms to level at Freddy vs. Jason but, much as I felt while watching it, I'm eager to put this experience behind me. The film is an utter disgrace and truly disrespectful to both franchises and their fans. When I saw it in theatres in 2003 I actually apologized to the person who accompanied me, that's how ashamed I was to be associated with it. It's the rare instance when a non-pornographic film inspires humiliation rather than amusement. Nice work.

Adam T (es) wrote: A sometimes overlooked futuristic noir-thriller from Speilberg which is based on the short story by Phillip K Dick. A detective who works for an agency where murders are prevented before they are commited is himself, framed and must prove his innocence. Great plot, cast, direction and viewed today in this rapidly evolving techno-world, it's only the more prescient. For me it's up there with some of the most thought-provoking science fiction movies.

Tim W (fr) wrote: Creepy, but not scary. Amusing, but not funny. Lots of Halloween stories/tropes rolled into one. I did quite like the imagery and design of the movie. Not as clever as it thinks it is. Unfocused.

Paul D (es) wrote: Decent enough if you're a fan of the previous films, but you probably wouldn't really get or enjoy it if this is the first film you've seen in the series.