El último pistolero

El último pistolero


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:1969
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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El último pistolero torrent reviews

John N (it) wrote: Smaug the Dragon's depiction in this movie has to be one of my favorite villains in some time, Benedict Cumberbatch nailed it. The movie moves at a surprisingly brisk pace and has a lot of tension, making it the strongest of The Hobbit films.

Noel H (kr) wrote: Don't know about mid 90's popular mute woman drama - but liked it otherwise...

Tuco (jp) wrote: Two directors each create a feature length movie with only two actors, battling in one setting and filmed entirely in one week. This was called The Duel Project. One of the two films, Aragami, is a Samurai Vs God Of Battle story set in a remote temple in the mountains. From the director of Versus comes even more sophisticated swordplay, tighter pacing and better script than previous works. Even tho the film is mostly a drama, there are some very funny moments. One of the things that makes Aragami so entertaining is its simplicity. I still can't decide which takes the prize between this and 2LDK.

Josh B (ca) wrote: This had so much potential. It's an incredibly well conceived idea; we need a film just like this one, but it needs to be followed through on. It needs a budget behind it for one thing, you never see anything that looks like a convincing kill because they had no real money to get the right kind of practical effects. I'd like to think that an intelligent person heading up the effects team could have done much better even with no real budget for it.Secondly the acting is terrible. There are no believable actors in the film. To work this film has to be 100% believable, which of course can't happen if none of the people act like real people.Finally the film cannot have any credits. It can't be law that a film has to have credits; there must be some other way to give credit to all the people involved. But even just in the name of making something to the best of my ability I would gladly give up credit on a film if it helped the story. This movie makes no sense unless it ends like a film that has been taped over. So it has to either have no credits, have credits from the original film, or something to the same effect. It cannot have the credits of this film, it completely undercuts the whole effect, completely ruining the genius scare at the end.One of the very few genuinely scary films I've seen, unfortunately shoots itself in the foot.This film does desperately need to be remade though.

Russ B (nl) wrote: 4/25/2015: I thought this movie was funny and very entertaining. The plot was unique and fun. I'm not a Paltrow fan, but she was pretty sexy in this film.

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