El último viaje

El último viaje


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1974
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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El último viaje torrent reviews

Michael V (br) wrote: The first one was terrible, I can't believe there is a sequal

Perrine B (de) wrote: Sam (M. Youn) est coursier a Paris. Il a des projets en vue, mais pas de cash pour les concretiser. Et son patron le meprisant, augmentation ou prime ne pointent pas leurs nez. Ce qui plait moyennement a Nadia, sa copine (G. Nakache). Surtout qu elle pensait enfin lui faire rencontrer sa famille lors du mariage de sa soeur. Ce sera en quelque sorte le test ultime pour leur couple. Manque de bol, Sam se retrouve avec un colis a expedier en urgence, colis qui ne lui amenera que des problemes : gros sous, diamants, bastons, fusillades... et au milieu de tout ca, Nadia qui s est fait kidnapper mais ne se rend compte de rien. Happe dans cet engrenage, Sam n a d autre choix que d obeir aux ordres pour sauver sa douce.Sur fond de thriller leger, cette comedie passe par diverses phases : rigolades, exagerations, bouffoneries, action. Avec de chouettes clins d oeil aux films d espionnage et leurs codes. Ca ne revendique aucun serieux et les acteurs s eclatent. Amusant mais frolant parfois le ridicule et les paquerettes.

Bob H (de) wrote: Good flick if you like that period of history. Casting Paul Giamatti as King John is a real head scratcher.

Orhan D (jp) wrote: It's a terrific film. Incredible a screenplay.

Mike M (de) wrote: Distinguishes itself from an overcrowded field (or forest) by staying clear of the supernatural, and casting a few years younger than the horny nincompoops who usually do the huffing and puffing in these things; these kids are all too credibly taken in by the stranger in the midst, and the flickers of innocence in their interactions with one another make them more sympathetic and rounded than they might have been. At barely an hour, it's a drop in the ocean - one half of what used to be a double-feature, back in the day - but a proficient one, avoiding undue flippancy in its treatment of a major contemporary concern; it does, however, get tawdry indeed with its final round of trouser-dropping, and oddly redolent of what the Children's Film Foundation might have produced under the directorship of Aleister Crowley.

Tracy M (it) wrote: Stupid no Closed captions!!! Why is it missing on menu to set up sutitus! They forgot to add it!!

Eric L (mx) wrote: Damn I need to stop watching crap like this.

Paul D (au) wrote: A few good scenes of wolf violence spread throughout a somewhat slow moving film about shape-shifters, which is unfortunately not werewolf enough for me. Certainly doesn't hold a candle to An American Werewolf in London or The Howling, its 80's (actual) werewolf counterparts. Not even in the same ballpark really. Albert Finney and Gregory Hines make an interesting duo with some pretty good chemistry though.

Greg W (nl) wrote: bogies only mgm film

Adam T (br) wrote: Absolutely absurd and funny

Daniel M (es) wrote: Meia estrela para as legendas...