El viento de la historia

El viento de la historia


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:12 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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El viento de la historia torrent reviews

Michael K (nl) wrote: Just an average movie about a geek who makes it.

Prashant S (es) wrote: if you like fantasy movies, you'd definitely like this one :)

Ashley T (mx) wrote: Messed up, but great acting. And Sam Worthington's hot! :)

Tamir v (ru) wrote: Good movie about ransom/kidnapping

Johnny B (it) wrote: easily the most badass action movie ever.

Tyson P (us) wrote: not trey's best work but still worth some laughs

Liam C (br) wrote: 300th movie review! Should have been 300 but oh well! This was planned for awhile. Guarding Tess is a very funny and likeable comedy film enlivened by standout performances from Nicolas Cage and Shirley MacLaine. I also use the term comedy very loosely, not because it wasn't funny or anything, the opposite is true in-fact, but the films tone changes heavily right near the end and it feels like two halves of a different film using variations of the same script and then it was just spliced together, not only that but it feels like a normal film about two people that just has comedy in it, not, a comedy film that has people in it. I was going to call this a lighthearted comedy instead of a likeable comedy at the start but the ending just has the biggest tonal shift and it was quite strange! The film, however, reeks of the 1990s, if I didn't already know when the film came out it wouldn't take me long to work it out. Musical cues, little quirky moments for brief comedic relief and fade out cuts? Oh yeah, this a 90s film. Not that there's anything bad with that but the comedy is a product of it's time, which sounds weird but it's just the type of humour that was funny around that time and without giving spoilers away you'll just have to take my word for it. Again, I'm not saying it wasn't funny, it's just when I laughed I just thought to myself 'oh that 90s humour, how we miss ye'. Even for its silly comedic appearance it shows off at first the film does have a deep undertone to it, it involves death, moving on and kidnapping. Even with the negatives that I focused on for the the majority of this review I did in fact enjoy the movie and I liked my time with it.

David F (ca) wrote: A very lengthy epic stretching through many periods of modern Chinese history and telling a love story involving actors in the Peking Opera, ~Farewell, My Concubine(TM) features lavishly detailed sets, costumes and scenery which are far more effective than the story of two actors and their life stories which begin in poverty in the 1920s, rising to fame and success in the 1930s only to see it all lost in the reforms of the Communist period following the end of war.

Michael W (fr) wrote: Expected more out of this film with Englishwoman fighting for the French Resistance during WWII finding difficulties adapting to post-war life. I ended up getting plenty of this film after two hours since the opening scenes were the high point. Interesting cast featuring Sting and Tracey Ullman; with Streep in control as usual.

Paul P (ru) wrote: There is only one thing worth seeing here and that's the performance of Albert Finney. He's absolutely flawless! Every scene with Finney he gives his character more layers by just doing subtle things like the tone of his voice and head nods. But the story itself is practically non existent. They try to make it a movie where you follow the characters but they surround Finney with one dimensional characters and it doesn't work.

Richard P (gb) wrote: This was off the wall. Great characters and well shot. I am impressed with this one. The land lord is awesome and so is the old lady.

Suse B (mx) wrote: What a story!! And Matthew MacFadyen (Paul) acts just incredible well...

Sachin G (fr) wrote: It's super cheesy and predictable and tropes, but the cast and script are actually pretty decent. It's like a good bad film, that's actually kinda good to watch.

Stuart K (us) wrote: Directed by John Mackenzie (The Innocent (1985), The Fourth Protocol (1987) and When The Sky Falls (2000)), written by playwright Barrie Keeffe. This hard hitting gangster film is powerful and suspenseful, and it benefits from having some great performances in it. It has a rawness that never lets up, and it's a good time piece of the London underworld in the late 1970's. Harold Shand (Bob Hoskins) is a London gangster who wants to make a name for himself as a legitimate businessman, although he has ties to the Mafia in America, and he wants to use their money to turn the Docklands into a venue for the Olympic Games in the future. However, members of his inner circle have been picked off by shootings and bombings from an unseen enemy. He learns that one of the victims in his gang had ties to the Provisional IRA, who hold Harold responsible for a job gone wrong a few years before. So, Harold decides to fight back at them, in the way that he learnt in the London underworld, however his foes seem to have the upper hand. It has a taut plot, and it's one of those "Oh my God, look who's in it!" film. It was a miracle the film got seen at all. It was originally produced by Lew Grade, who hated the finished film, and wanted to dump it on ITV, but George Harrison got to see it, and picked it up for release. The rest is all history.

Scott C (ag) wrote: It didn't do much for me when I saw it years ago. I'm a little more interested now that I live in Europe.