Elaan is a 1947 Indian Bollywood Muslim social melodrama film. It was the sixth highest grossing Indian film of 1947.[1]

After the passing away of his dad, Javed lives a poor lifestyle with his widowed mom in India. Since they cannot afford to live independently, they live with his mom's younger sister, Mrs. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas L (br) wrote: Cult Classic in the Making; cannot wait for the trilogy to be finished.

Sasy N (nl) wrote: [12/11] Jake McDorman als psychopathischer Killer... ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob das eine so clevere Idee war. Der Film ist nun wirklich nicht spannend, aber das muss er als "based on a true story" ja auch nicht unbedingt. Die Besetzung ist okay, aber insgesamt fand ich den Film schon ein bisschen sehr langweilig.

Pat M (jp) wrote: fairly decent suspense flick-but why did they park so far away from it-and the ending was TOTALLY HIDIOUS.Did David get charged with everything on the tapes-you get to the judge.stupid way to finish a drama type movie,ho well-used to it.

Rod G (de) wrote: De trama interesante y grandiosa animacin y diseo de personajes . Con esta pelcula Linterna Verde deja de ser un heroe de reparto del Universo de DC Comics para dejarse conocer un poco ms antes de dar su mayor golpe en la pantalla grande.

Dan N (es) wrote: Not what was expected - trailer shows a laugh out loud comedy when in reality its a big gay fest!

Jacob P (ag) wrote: Another solid contenderfor worst movie ever...Really, REALLY bad...

John S (au) wrote: Funny, interesting, great movie. One of the best films I've watched. The one liners were great.

Nolan S (au) wrote: An interesting anime film with unique nostalgic Japanese animation and a fully developed story that keeps an audience member's attention. The only downfall to this film is the English dub which the voice actors lack to put effort into the character's voices. It would be best to watch this film with the original Japanese audio.