Elar Char Adhyay

Elar Char Adhyay

Indranath is a leader of a group which is fighting for Indian independence. Ela is the teacher of the group. Ela is caught in a dilemma between her love for Atindra and her commitment towards her country.

Indranath is a leader of a group which is fighting for Indian independence. Ela is the teacher of the group. Ela is caught in a dilemma between her love for Atindra and her commitment towards her country. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deepak V (ru) wrote: A movie perfectly crafted by Vishal. Shahid making a good comeback as Haider trying to avenge his father's death.

Blake P (us) wrote: "Like Crazy" is one of the most realistic relationship movies ever made. But that's also why it is also so hard to love. The central couple is Anna (Felicity Jones), a Brit, and Jacob (Anton Yelchin), an American. Their meet-cute takes place in a college class - for Anna, it's love at first sight, and it doesn't take long for Jacob to fall for her either. She is studying journalism, he is studying furniture design. They spend days upon weeks together, shown in a montage that is surprisingly devoid of fakery. It isn't hard to see that this is young love that is as serious as it is ready to crash and burn. But then, the school year ends, and Anna is going to spend the summer in the UK, since her travel Visa is due to expire. Yet Anna is so smitten that she decides to ignore the government and stay - this decision causes a butterfly effect that is so extremely maddening that it's hard to even look at Anna and not want to give her a fatherly pep talk. She is then deported, spending months away from Jacob - Jacob, however, begins seeing Sam (Jennifer Lawrence), a beautiful young woman who gives Anna a run for her money. This sort of plot goes in a cycle: Anna and Jacob see each other for a short time, then see other people when they're apart. It isn't healthy - and while the film technically has a happy ending (they end up together), it isn't all smiles. There are more tears, depressed glances. You can't help but want to watch the film and wonder what would happen to Jacob and Anna's relationship had there been no deportations, no Jennifer Lawrence, no Ross and Rachel style breakups. From the start, Anna is the one that puts more into the relationship, but Jacob is clearly in love too. At one point, she makes Jacob a very twee, very borderline stalker scrapbook that would be creepier if you didn't know they were so in love; she is the one that decides they must get married against the odds. Jacob, in the meantime, has no problem seeing other women right away. The only true present he gives her is a chair. A chair. I can't be cynical about the film, because after all, the film is cynical itself. It is a true measure of the effects a long distance relationship, and with people as approachable as Jones and Yelchin are, you can tell their love is something fragile, not something Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant could conjure. Most of the dialogue is improvised, and that makes Jones and Yelchin's performances all the more potent. From their first date to the final scene, there is growth and death in their romance that is believable and totally organic - it's a terrific choice from Doremus, whose direction is equally as homegrown. The leading actors are both fantastic, and Lawrence is dependable but underused in a role that calls for just a little bit more. But "Like Crazy" is so good because it's unlike 90% of romantic dramas. There is absolutely nothing about it that we can doubt - maybe that's why it's so sad. It's the rise and fall of first love, and we're watching it through a lens.

Kieran T (mx) wrote: you can tell this was directed by someone from 'The Sleepover Club'. Thought this had potential, but its just bad. Some really strange use of editing as well. Did someone actually watch Johnny English and think "hey Imbruglia is a good actress, lets cast her", because if they did they are fucked in the head.

Parthiv J (kr) wrote: first 10 mins r bad but overall movie is good.................

Daniel C (de) wrote: Great documentary with very good concert footage. This film is a good start on getting some long overdue recognition for some amazing musicians.

Letitia L (jp) wrote: Just a really inspirational movie. It's all worth it for the single scene where Helen is sick.

Simon P (ru) wrote: Interesting documentary in which Herzog reminisces about his love-hate relationship with the legendary Klaus Kinski and revisits the location of some of their most arduous film shoots. Leaves you in no doubt that Kinski was a genuine fucking nutcase.

Tristan P (de) wrote: Pretty charming and sweet until it becomes ugly towards the end.

Private U (ru) wrote: Awful script, but an amazing, epic and surreal dance number in the middle of the movie makes it worthwhile.

Sam M (fr) wrote: Home on the Range knows what it wants to do and does it the best way imaginable. It's not a film from which you'd expect groundbreaking ideas or complicated plot twists. The film, intentionally wants to be a generic comedy retro classic animation set in wild west. And it does what it intends to do. It's fun, it has a good pace, it's classic, predictable and generic, and most importantly, its full of life! So if you're expecting something full of ideas like Wall-E, or something deep like Lilo & Stitch, you won't find it here. But if you're prepared to embrace the fun, silly, classic, wild west, you'll love this one!

Julien B (de) wrote: Srie Z franco-belge, avec quelques trous dans le scnar. Ambiance sympa mais ral un peu trop bricole. Dans le genre zombies-taupes, voir plutt "the burrowers".