A high school teacher's personal life becomes complicated as he works with students during the school elections.

Tracy Flick always hopes to become a president of Carver High's student body. Then, he changes the dream so he recruits a new opposition candidate which leads to a terrible consequence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jordan K (ag) wrote: Larry Crowne is bland, cliched, and is excruciatingly boring. You won't give a care about any of its boring characters, its story, or Larry's main goal, if any. What a waste of good talent.A fifty something, Larry Crowne, gets fired from his job because of his lack of a college degree. Due to the overwhelming economy, Larry goes to college and falls in love with his professor, played by a disgruntled Julia Roberts. Cedric the Entertainer and Bryan Cranston, who is far from Walter White in his unneeded role, are also stuck in the film for no reason.Larry Crowne blows, plain and simple. It's a cliched and boring rom com at its finest, embarassingly written by the star himself, Tom Hanks. You won't care about any of the characters, the dialogue is so corny and unrealistic, but the viewers are supposed to root for our bland but good hearted protagonist. Scenes like Hanks joining a gang of scooter enthusiasts will even make the biggest Hanks fans like myself facepalm in horrid writing. The jokes are a whole different level of awfulness. Skip Larry Crowne, see another self titled Hanks film like Captain Phillips or Forrest Gump.

Trevor B (br) wrote: PURE FRESHNESS Gotta watch if your a real-lo

enri d (ru) wrote: Good story, really strong mother.

Sarah A (gb) wrote: Palestine. Powerful film. moments of both despair and hope.

Mike C (ag) wrote: I don't understand these movies. They make it sound like stranger sex is so easy to find. My 29 years of experience...or inexperience...suggest otherwise. For the girls it's easy, but not for the ugly dudes they always cast. There have been a lot of these movies where couples decide to experiment...The Freebie and Weekend Pass to name a couple. Mostly they don't have a whole lot to offer. This one, at least, had some pretty funny lines and some babes. Pretty decent cast for a low budget. Jay Mohr was actually decent as was Nicholson. Bryan Cranston was pretty funny and I admire his shamelessness to do anything on screen. A belted speedo? Fucking brilliant. Lauren Graham is smokin hot but I respect that, in a movie with skin, she still shows none. Maybe next time... As I said, nothing profound here. I like movies that highlight certain human behaviors. It's pretty lacking here but that's okay given some of the comedy. The few babes thrown in the mix kick it up to a 7/10.

Russ B (us) wrote: 4/9/2017 (2): Meh. A few funny moments, but that was about it.

Ruben L (fr) wrote: Not there best but still fun!