Nine people are stuck in an elevator. One of them has a ticking bomb that can't be defused. The other eight will do anything to survive. There is no escape and no promise of rescue. As the tension in the elevator mounts the unthinkable soon becomes the only reasonable solution.

Racism collides with corporate greed when nine strangers are trapped in a Wall Street elevator, and one of them has a bomb. They will do anything to survive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Elevator torrent reviews

Jason B (gb) wrote: this film went beyond the boundaries of crap none of it made sense, there was hardly anything in there about football and the acting oh my days is all i've gotta say about that

Ninad B (gb) wrote: Over Hyped !! Good Starcast Bad ending

Gulnar A (nl) wrote: guys, i cannot find this film in Azerbaijan. please, if u have got this film just let me know where did u get it. ;(

Bill T (kr) wrote: A good update of the "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers" movies (though the 2 earlier can't be beaten) Body Snatchers tells the familiar tale of what happens when an alien matter starts taking over the humans in a town. In this case, it's an army base that's slowly being taken over, an interesting change. Plucky Gabrielle Anwar and Billy Wirth are teens in town who are the biggest non-believers to the takeover, and they try to get the hell out. Some great special effects, interesting story, but still there's no comparison to the originals. Sorry.

David H (nl) wrote: A great intoxicating Nuclear War Scenario

Martin I (ag) wrote: A very fine French thriller that will likely get a US remake sooner rather than later. Its got great pace, as it's short run-time won't allow it to trudge along, and the odd plot twists are well pitched. However, one small gripe is that it truly lacks a great set-piece or memorable chase sequence.*Full Review Pending*

Mad M (br) wrote: No holds barred grindhouse. It has style and there's novelty here. It's also fun at times. But that's all it delivers. The dialogue is too C-movie level. Exploitation includes rape, nudity, violence, and gore.