Eleven Days, Eleven Nights

Eleven Days, Eleven Nights

In eleven days time, Michael is due to wed his fiancée Helen. However, when he meets Sarah he finds himself unable to resist her.

In 11 days, Michael is to marry Helen, but a chance meeting with a total stranger threatens to destroy all his plans. En route to work, Michael is seduced on the spot by a beautiful stranger. Unbeknownst to Michael, this gorgeous woman is a writer who's about to finish her book, SARAH AND HER 100 MEN. Guess who's the 100th man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Atul R (ca) wrote: I thought this movie can have its own title. It shouldn't be linked to Murder movie. Its nothing new. Emraan Hashmi's character pissed me off. He spends the entire movie driving around. I thought he will save the girl but he didnt. Jaqueline Fernandes is waste. She doesnt do much other than look hot n sexy. Concept of the movie is good. I thought it could have titled something different. Had its own title and later they can make more parts like Hollywood's SAW. SKIP IT.

Rahman S (gb) wrote: WTF ethic doesnt exist....it's not lyk dat...

Nicola W (ca) wrote: Not bad but not great. A little far fetched for my liking when 10 men with machine guns couldn't hit the guy with 1 pistol but he managed to shoot the men with machine guns.

Lee M (es) wrote: A nice makeover of the now familiar grifter movie gets points for style and intricacy but loses points for its derivative content and characters.

Ryan V (nl) wrote: An ominous terrorist attack imperils the denizens of a late-21st century metropolis. The bomb has a lethal effect on the bloodstream of its victims, but scientists can't correlate it to any known virus or nerve gas. Naturally, it's up to our three favorite bounty hunters to track down the perpetrator before he can strike again. The plot of this movie doesn't break any new ground, but the stakes are high enough to make things seem like something more than an extended version of the Cowboy Bebop TV show. Like the celebrated anime series it's an extension of, the critical pleasures of Cowboy Bebop: The Movie can be derived from its cheeky dialogue, well-paced action sequences, pugnacious soundtrack, and cutting edge animation.

MeLinda M (mx) wrote: Ohh wow. Casper Van Dien! :D. Super hottie. Haha. Lmfao! I really liked this movie probably because of Robert Englund! I love that old man. I thought it sucked when that hot guy in the bathroom got it. !

George E (nl) wrote: Greatest movie of all time. If you haven't seen it yet, just ask, I'll hook you up.

peter h (es) wrote: I always though werewolf films were supossed to be entertaing but in this movies case its the complete opposite. God the scrpiting of this film seems really dull, ok archaeologists uncover a werewolf skeleton and some how a writer becomes a werewolf because of it. The direction is terrible and i mean terrible its quite clear there was no direction from the director because most of the actors don't even try to act insted they just say thier lines without any emotion. Oh SFX wise its a fucken mess, the werewolf make up looks like face paint and fur ...Jack Perice would be rolling in his grave for this balls up of movie monster make up. 2/10 dull dull dull ....AVOID

Marco M (nl) wrote: Grate movie like it chuco de big vgv ha lmao grate actor

jay n (kr) wrote: Only okay as westerns go and actually very dark at the end but miles ahead of most of the tripe that Elvis was thrown into by the Colonel.

Josh S (de) wrote: Any movie with Owen Wilson is good.