A teen girl disappears after trying to meet men online in order to escape her small town. Apparently, only her best friend worries enough to investigate the mystery.

A teenager (Anna Kendrick) searches for her missing best friend (Tania Raymonde) who disappears after trying to meet men online in order to escape her small town. Now, the only clues to her whereabouts are her diary and a cryptic video message sent from her cell phone. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Monty M (jp) wrote: I'm not gonna say this movie doesn't have it's flaws and slow points, but it's not as bad as the reviews are saying. It had some great potential in terms of story/concept, but it was just too slow and jumped around too much in my opinion. Seems to me that this mute lady could have done a much better job of communicating to them about the 18th and it's meaning. Also find it hard to believe that some intense investigation of the house wouldn't result in some really good answers as to who they were and why they were there. And if you did take this antidote and it knocks you out cold, wouldn't you tie a frigging note or something around your neck to explain to yourself what happened ?? haha But, even despite all that, it had potential and there were aspects like the guy on the barbed wire fence that were quality scenes. Took a quality idea and just didn't execute it well. :/

Thomas B (us) wrote: ****Ryan Gosling and George Clooney shine in this political drama, with a great script and interesting characters.

Lilly M (mx) wrote: i will be completely honest, the only reason i rented it was because my friend alex is in it - the movie itself sucked (although, aubrey did look smokin hott :P)

Ro T (it) wrote: Another film that should be shown in all high schools to get young people thinking about how badly we need a lifestyle change as a society. The terrifying images shown here are not just the product of our western society's effects on the world, but the future of our own society if we don't change the way we live.

Katley M (jp) wrote: I thought that there was a lot to like and a lot to not like about Ghost Son. The plot: A young couple Stacey and Mark move to Africa Mark gets into a fatal car accident. Shortly after his death Stacey discovers that she is pregnant with his child. Soon after the birth she discovers that her son is possessed by Mark who is trying to kill her. The plot was very interesting and all around creepy. I thought that it could have been played out much better. Watching the movie you see some moments that they could have shocked you or made you jump that where just missed. The acting was played perfectly. And the effex although there are not really much blood the scenes with the baby are so real and where done perfectly. But like I said I think that the plot could have been carried out much better than it was. This also could have used more fall back gore. But as an overall film it succeeds in being a creepy little ghost story that gives you a new take on evil kiddie movies. I say it's worth a check or at least a rent.

John P (fr) wrote: See that amazing cover? None of that happened in the movie.

Jesse S (ru) wrote: a pretty good movie.

Mikael K (kr) wrote: Junji Ito, the man behind the undying horror manga classic Uzumaki? has also created a long saga Tomie,? which is a sequence of short, standalone stories about an immortal, infinitely beautiful woman who looks like a teenager, can but a spell on any man and ultimately makes them kill her in jealous rage. Only to allow her to be reborn yet again. The manga series is very repetitive but often quite chilling and sometimes surprisingly smart.In this movie adaptation the very worst aspects of the Tomie concept have been gathered together, compressed and rearranged in the most awkward of ways. Not scary, not artistically interesting and in no way entertaining let alone smart, Tomie? the movie is a sad example of the way adaptations can completely annihilate what is good in the original source material. Read the manga if you(TM)re interested, but stay away from this cinematic embarrassment.

kan T (au) wrote: daha farkli bir film bekliyordum nedense...etkileyici... lynch yada cronenberg tadinda...

Aj V (es) wrote: A great drama with good teen actors, I loved it, and I highly recommend it.

Chris M (mx) wrote: It was a really enjoyable Disney live-action family adventure. It had great cinematography, music, characters, costumes, drama, adventure, action and a very enjoyable storyline. It's one of my favorite Disney live-action movies of all time. It's a must see movie for kids and adults alike.