When Josh and Amanda make eye contact at the airport, they both experience an instant attraction, and soon they're living together. But one day Josh awakens from his romantic haze to find his new life partner hospitalized for bipolar disorder.

Instinctive mutual attraction brings Josh and Amanda together, but when that initial attraction blossoms into a rich romance, and the two decide to start a new life and a home together, secrets from the past emerge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cesar A (nl) wrote: Great Job with the Go-PRO Camera

Sharon A (ca) wrote: Brilliant film, I loved this. I am a fan of the Beatles, and must confess that the older I get, the more John is becoming my favourite. Great story of his early band years.

natasha c (ag) wrote: hi natasha cosper i see cars2 i love dt movie

Brad S (ru) wrote: Fun indie film...worth a watch if you like smaller comedies.

Pinar C (au) wrote: I couldn't help falling asleep twice when I was watching it. It was so boring!!!

Collin P (us) wrote: This is a really funny movie and great for kids. I'm a teenager and I still love it. Scooby-Doo is the only kiddish thing I still like. Funny movie!

Nolan M (ru) wrote: A great western movie. Kevin Costner has created, in my opinion, one of the best westerns ever made. Great performance from Duvall along with great cinematography makes this movie a must-see!

Robyn M (es) wrote: The movie starts out and I'm thinking, "wow the footage playing is old and and I wondered if I was watching the right thing". Then it goes present day and there's James Franco. I was like damn, he had films besides Spiderman back then? Franco who fails at portraying a druggie looking for a fix and then a serious incident happens making him question his life and choices.Without giving up to much of a spoiler- Alert.

Jessica J (fr) wrote: Mischa Barton's acting sucked, and I'm completely jealous that her first kiss was with Brad Renfro. Other than that, the movie was offbeat and cute in a strange way. Jennifer Jason Leigh is the best character in my opinion.

JY S (gb) wrote: Tomie is one of a series of movies revolving around the Tomie character.Unlike some other Asian horror films where the story is weird and difficult to follow, this one is much more easy to manage. If you like weird complex stories, don't be disappointed, because there is still a ton of weirdness to go around. The main character of Tomie begins the film as a baby and by the half way point, which is only a few days time, she is a full grown beautiful young woman. Weird enough for you.The first hour of this 90 minute flick is fairly slow. This is probably why the story is easy to follow. During this first hour the story unfolds with minimal scares and gore. Instead you get a lot of airtime and background for Tsukiko. Tomie is kept in the dark by only having shots behind her head or having her show up in dark places to make her face hard to see. This is a nice tactic, although it is a shame that the beautiful face of Tomie remains hidden.Since the first hour is a lot of buildup, it just makes the last 30 minutes that much more freaky. The two young women carry this film to the very end. The lesbian kiss almost makes up for that bag of roaches that Tomie pulls out. Nah, they don't kiss. You want them to, but they don't. But seriously, they do. Or don't they?There really isn't much to the acting. Miho Kanno, who plays Tomie, impresses the most. She has such a wicked laugh. Mami Nakamura doesn't do all that much, but she is cute. Enough said.The first part of this film is a little lacking, although the ending makes up for it. This is a good watch for fans of Asian horror.

Michael W (ca) wrote: Woman is unable to cope with having two lovers, so she slits her wrists. Hard to feel much sympathy here. Launching pad for cable series culminates in rather laughable settling of two men's differences on the basketball court.

Pat H (fr) wrote: Truly bizarre 'western.' Not entirely successful but of interest.

Martha F (jp) wrote: Wonderful movie! Sweet story! Great musical performances. Harry Connick Jr. does a great job.

Daniel P (jp) wrote: Surprisingly well made issue movie with a sterling lead performance - though I had a problem with a tiny but belief-defying moment involving some spontaneous applause, as well as a major issue with both the character of Gus and the actor portraying him (I believed in neither).

Jordon J (jp) wrote: As the star of Assassination Games, Jean-Claude Van Damme makes a lot of great decisions. As the executive producer, he appears to have made fewer. I say SKIP IT!!!

Ethan H (mx) wrote: Eastwood commands the screen and Peterson delivers us a great movie.