Em Nome da Segurança Nacional

Em Nome da Segurança Nacional

Recording of statements of the Tiradentes Court, simulated court that judged and condemned the National Security Law...

Recording of statements of the Tiradentes Court, simulated court that judged and condemned the National Security Law, a legal measure of repression issued during the military dictatorship ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick L (nl) wrote: Not bad low budget movie except for the damn DIY zombie cure

Janice L (mx) wrote: Actually a little scary even for me! Cool movie!

Jimmie F (ca) wrote: Lame looking YETI,but good movie!

Lee R (jp) wrote: Well judging by all the good reviews this has had I must be missing something because I thought it was some seriously boring shit.

David F (it) wrote: This is a fascinating documentary which captures so much of the pain, heartbreak, meanness, and anxiety of high school, and teenage life in America. The filmmaker followed several high school students in Warsaw Indiana during their senior year, in school, at home, and hanging out. It presents them as they see themselves, and as they are seen by others. Even though it consists entirely of these kids daily lives, there is surprising drama and psychological depth, from the loner desperate for a girlfriend, to the stereotypical mean girl whose teasing and cruelty cover up deep pain and crushing parental pressure. All of the kids are sympathetic and multidimensional but I was surprised at just how unsupportive and frankly mean some of their parents could be to them. There's also seemingly limitless insights to be gleaned about family life, class issues, school bureaucracy and adolescence from these ordinary midwestern teens. If I had to criticize anything about this film it would be it's length, I would have loved another hour and a half of this and the DVD does include some extra scenes that were cut that are very much worth watching. This film won an award at Sundance for direction and it is indeed a very worthy film which vividly portrays the social, educational, and family lives of teenagers and their sad but hopeful young lives.

Private U (nl) wrote: Choppy scenes, little dialogue, and the events after he reached Havana (Batista leaving, Castro arriving) weren't included at all. The movie seemed to have skipped 10 years worth of events! While it did center on him and his ideals, this film simply didn't do Che any justice for being the revolutionary that he was. Watch it because you're interested in Che, but don't expect to be blown away.

Private U (kr) wrote: I can't remember what happens. But it's got Aaron and Dan Wu so IT MUST BE GOOD XD

Adam W (mx) wrote: Weird, but brings up some interesting points.

James L (us) wrote: Critics hate this movie. But I love it. Very well made, great characters, perfect soundtrack, sweet dancing. My favorite line in the movie is from MC Victor: "Nobody laugh on the baby calf, show your love, Veal Chop!"

Lee W (es) wrote: Not a bad film. Some good training scenes. Acting is pretty bad at times but the fighting makes up for it. There's a funny breakdancing scene.

Joaquin E (ru) wrote: A movie that is very hard to understand with several symbolic meanings which are difficult to get. The film's music is fantastic, especially for the Pink Floyd's fans.

Henry F (br) wrote: 5.0 out of 10 stars. Just because it got a 5 doesnt mean it wasnt a good movie. Its actually a really good movie. Very random and crazy but worth a watch. The martial ars is slacking but you are just entertained by the whole thing.

Simon M (mx) wrote: Francois Truffaut ripping off Hitchcock = my first great Francois Truffaut movie.

roger t (kr) wrote: note to hf: available at no. bruns. & pway - jfk and ewing.....

Ethan P (fr) wrote: O Brother, Where Art Thou is a dusty, nimble adventure that has it's own awesome sense of goofiness and fun. It looks and feels spectacular. It's bathed in browns and greys so it looks old and faded, but it isn't tired or dreary. It's exploding with quirkiness and energy. The prisoners run across stunning rural landscapes and quaint little farms dressed in pristine period jail uniforms and tattered rags. The prisoners are richly drawn and their idiosyncrasies are really amusing. Their dim-witted dialogue, exasperated expressions and adventures are hilarious. Some of the funniest moments were them escaping from the barn in flames, the opening where they clumsily run away from the work camp and the ending where the flood saves them from being hanged.Even though it encompasses themes like the Depression, racism, crime and even includes a KKK gathering, the film sustains a gleefully ironic and pleasant mood throughout, similar to something like Forest Gump. It's so fun that I didn't even notice the absence of any real cohesive story. It dances delightfully through one outrageous event after another and builds slowly to become an enthralling and absurd journey. And I loved all the clever period details, like the Slick Dan's hair gel, the cars, the bloodhounds, the populist politics. A lot of creativity and fun was put into the film. It was odd, but I really enjoyed it.

Caroline S (nl) wrote: is everyone sleeping around? interesting but flat when everyone is a writer. amt diversity?