Emerald Falls

Emerald Falls

After a brutal divorce, a mother and her son relocate to the Blue Mountains to run a Bed and Breakfast.

After a brutal divorce, a mother and her son relocate to the Blue Mountains to run a Bed and Breakfast. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karen H (br) wrote: Unique and interesting movie with an ending that kind of tells you the writers didn't know where to take it next.

Daniel M (ag) wrote: had a good cast with decent actors. just seemed like they tried to hard. they didn't even come close to pulling it off. do your self a favor and pass this one by.

Albamar S (au) wrote: Grabbed me from the very beginning as a NYC resident always conscious of being a paycheck away from a shelter. Reminded me of Leguizamo's breathtaking characters from Mambo Mouth and Spikerama. Heartbreakingly REAL.

Joe K (br) wrote: good to see my hometown in a movie, but too bad the movie kinda sucks.

Kyle M (nl) wrote: Left unresolved/unfinished, but it seem it was only focusing on the mother-daughter narrative tale crossing over with a family with difficulties that shows how those problems can be affective. Vega performed well with shines while Sandler done his best in drama with brief comic relief and Leoni performing her usual with some straining that was caused in this good drama that shows emotions and some family values. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Michael O (it) wrote: Interesting, but quite long. Loved the beautiful shots of Dorset countryside and the rousing speech at the end.

Noam S (de) wrote: i think this is tarvernier's first movie, and to my opinion - his best. emotional, political, and with a great performance by Noiret, which became one of tarvernier's favorite's actors.

Mike B (it) wrote: Not enough horror, not enough gore, not enough Cushing, not enough sex

Trent M (br) wrote: The "horror" plot is rather dull, but the comedy bits, mostly from the really funny Martan Moreland make this an enjoyable movie. I also noticed that the white characters pronounce their destination as the "Ba-hay-mas" while the black characters pronounce it as "Ba-ha-mas" (as most anyone today would). No real significance there, just something I noticed.

Rangan R (ca) wrote: A successful writer who accused of plagiarism.It was based on the novel, though the original title makes more sense than this film. Maybe they wanted to avert the spoiler. But I don't think it would have affected much, because the twist comes at the final segment. The tale of a writer who is in the middle of divorce and now living alone is the lake house got threatened by a stranger, because according to him he stole his story. Followed by many unpleasant events, how he gets out of the trouble told in the next half.Feels just an okay kind. Though Johnny Depp was good. The suspense was good, particularly in the first half, but later it comes falling down. The second half was average, the twist was not interesting enough. After some point, you might predict it, but the point is it was too familiar. I especially did not like the finale, it was like not in detail. Still a watchable film, because of the actor and for decently made. So I think worth a watch if you keep a low expectation.6/10

Michael T (kr) wrote: Dan Curtis made his name in Horror on television. He introduced vampire Barnabas Collins to TV's Dark Shadows; he produced THe Night Stalker TVM and produced and directed its sequel The Night Strangler (he had nothing to do with the TV series seasoned by those telefilms, Kolchak: The Night Stalker) and directed a number of superior TVMs with horror themes including a version of Dracula with Jack Palance and Trilogy of Terror with Karen Black. He had dabbled in film with two big screen Dark Shadows films but this film was his swan song to the genre. A variation on the haunted house theme that sees Karen Black and Oliver Reed playing a couple who rent a strangely-affordable old mansion for the summer from a creepy brother and sister (Burgess Meredith and Eileen Heckhart). The only catch is that they must bring up three trays of food a day to their never-seen mother, the mysterious Mrs. Allardyce. Strange things start happening right away the house and grounds rejuvenate and everyone seems affected by the mansion. Also starring Bette Davis as the family's aunt and Lee H. Montgomery as their son. Very creepy film that relies an awful lot on atmosphere and not as much on FX. Curtis would return briefly to TV Horror with the short-lived revival of Dark Shadows in 1990-91 but was mainly known for producing the highly successful Wings of War and other TV miniseries; he never directed or produced another big screen film again.

Sean C (jp) wrote: We should steal as many good ideas as we can.