EMI: Liya Hai To Chukana Padega

EMI: Liya Hai To Chukana Padega

(Extension: Easy Monthly Installment - Liya Hai Toh Chukana Padega!) is a 2008 Bollywood social film directed by Saurabh Kabra and starring Malaika Arora, Sanjay Dutt, Urmila Matondkar and lots more. The film released on November 7, 2008.

Criminal don-aspiring politician Shabbirbhai runs a collection agency in Mumbai's Bhendi Bazar called 'Good Luck Recovery'. He had started this business with 4 employees, but now has over ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


EMI: Liya Hai To Chukana Padega torrent reviews

Danny M (fr) wrote: Good film. A bit slow in parts but overall it's a very nice film with a lot of heart. I love bob

Mike V (jp) wrote: This coming of age drama about a somewhat uncontrollable boy includes themes of loss and abandonment, pleasing, and acceptance. It includes some heart-wrenching scenes. 1001

Garyin T (it) wrote: the plot was pretty ok, and i like Stephen Fung, but Gillian's acting skills just ruined the whole movie...

WS W (au) wrote: A Russian homosexual/bisexual-comedy. Not really impressive & some of the scenarios are rather confusing.

Bryan G (us) wrote: When it comes to great martial arts flicks, one doesn't have to look any further than Shaw Brothers Studios. They have been the creators of some of the greatest and most influential martial arts movies of all time, including Come Drink with Me, The One-Armed Swordsman, 5 Fingers of Death, The Super Inframan (a personal favorite of mine) and Five Deadly Venoms, just to name a few. One that I haven't seen, but has come strongly recommended, was Dirty Ho. And before you start thinking otherwise, this film has nothing to do with loose women. Dirty Ho actually refers to a jewel thief named Ho (Wong Yue) who gets in a confrontation with Mr. Wang (the legendary Gordon Liu) and is swindled out of some jewels he has stolen. Through attempts of trying to reclaim his jewels, Ho ends up being the student of Wang. And it turns out that Wang is actually of royal blood, and is in hiding due to attempts on his life. What I really liked about Dirty Ho was that Mr. Wang had to conceal his identity, from both regular people around him and the various people trying to kill him. See, Wang is actually a very skilled fighter, but he couldn't reveal that full on. So most of the fight sequences in the film come off as if Wang isn't aware that he is in a fight. There is a particularly awesome fight with an assassin posing as an antiques dealer showing Wang various treasures, while trying to kill him in the process. Wang acts like he doesn't realize what is going on, but the way he moves his body and reacts is both brilliant and hilarious to watch. This is just one of the many great fight sequences in this film. There were a varied and sometimes weird assortment of characters in Dirty Ho. The film doesn't follow the traditional "revenge" storyline that a lot of the Shaw Brothers films do, and is a little more character driven than usual. I really like the characters in this film, even the strange ones like that one that was either a very manly looking woman, or a man in drag, who shows up with a group of other freakish looking people to try and kill Wang. About the only complaint I have, and the reason I didn't give this film a perfect like I wanted to, was how it ends. Even though I admired the film for not being a revenge flick, it still ends rather abruptly and disappointingly. Still, this is one of the best martial arts movies ever made, with some of the most memorable fight sequences ever put to film, great costume and set designs, awesome music and a good mix of humor thrown in. This one is highly recommended for martial arts fans, and is a must see!

nhoemi c (jp) wrote: i love to see this movie,,if you watch it already could you give me some points if its really a comedy and interesting to watch pls?

Calvin C (mx) wrote: Great performance by Hoffman as always, but the story and direction is just okay.Grade: B

Al H (nl) wrote: A regular version of the game not so good. Could be better.